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Problem definition – major challenge or key opportunity (while there may be more than one, focus on the most important one for the purpose of…

Problem definition – major challenge or key opportunity (while there may be more than one, focus on the most important one for the purpose of this analysis) 1. What appears to be the problem(s) here? 2. How do I know that this is a problem? 3. What are the immediate issues that need to be addressed 4. Differentiate between importance and urgency for the issues identified. 5. Who is affected most by this issues? 6. What are the constraints and opportunities implicit to this situation? 7. What do the numbers tell you? Alternatives – identification and discussion of alternative decisions to address problem definition (generally 3-5 alternatives) 1. Be realistic-The alternatives should be mutually exclusive, that is, they cannot happen at the same time. Criteria- list of key factors, rationale, and weights that is used in the analysis and impacts how the decision is made 1. Brief, preferably in point form, such as: (note action verbs) improve (or at least maintain) profitability increase sales, market share, or return on investment, maintain customer satisfaction, corporate image be consistent with the corporate mission or strategy within our present (or future) resources and capabilities within acceptable risk parameters ease or speed of implementation, employee morale, safety, or turnover retain flexibility, and/or minimize environmental impact. 2. Measurable, at least to the point of comparison, such as alternative A will improve profitability more that alternative B. 3. Be related to your problem statement, and alternatives. If you find that you are talking about something else, that is a sign of a missing alternative or key decision criteria, or a poorly formed problem statement. Analysis – how you made your decision (brief analysis of each of the alternatives) Decision – your proposed solution to the problem (why the decision made is the best fit for the organization based on above steps) Implementation plan – recommendations, expected competitive reaction, budget, actions, timetable, metrics, etc. Please include each one of this topic on the essay, Problem, Alternative, Criteria, Analysis, Decision and Implementation. Attached is the article, instructions and an example. Please be very detailed.
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