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Short Paper Research Proposal y one. 2. Given an overview of the presentation before formally presenting the detailed contents. 3. Rehearse before recording the presentation.…

Short Paper Research Proposal
y one.
Given an overview of the presentation before formally presenting the detailed
Rehearse before recording the presentation.
You should include a cover page/slide with you name and the title of the
The font should be large enough for audio in a distance to see (size>18 as a
You may use one or two pictures/graphs to make the slides interesting. However, too many graphics can be distracting.Requirements for the written part Formatting The proposal should be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 font and should not exceed 1000 words, including references and appendix, if any.You are required to follow APA style when writing the short paper.
Here is a tutorial on APA style:
Specific Information
Note 1: Even though you will
be implementing the research plan you design in the
proposal prior to writing your paper, your plan must be a realistic plan that you
personally have the knowledge and resources to implement upon request.
Note 2:
Your paper must be your own
Be sure to give proper credit when
you borrow or use
someone else’s words and ideas, including your own previously
written works. See the 6th edition of the
Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association
pages 15

16 for specific informati
on on Plagiarism and Self

Failure to follow this requirement will result in
a grade of 0.
Note 3:
Write your paper in third person. Scholarly works generally are written in third
person to avoid reader concern about bias in an empirical st
A research prospectus
should be concise. If you find yourself using phrases like “As mentioned previously…”
then you are repeating yourself without providing new information.
Note 4: You should use a neutral tone while stating the issues.
No emotionally charged wordings should be used such as “unfortunately,” “drastically,” etc.
Note 5: There is no need to provide detailed company information or the history of the company.
Note 6: You are proposing to conduct business research to help a company to solve an issue. So there will be no conclusion or any conclusive suggestions, such as “The company should….”
Note 7: No pictures, graphs, cartoons,or figures should be included .Grading
Your paper will be graded based on the formatting with a small weight. However, keep in mind that the senior VP of the company is NOT impressed by APA style as the major outcome of your work.
The grade for the paper will be based on content, organization,and format. Although the entire paper will be graded, the major focus of grading will be
on content.
Required layout You need to follow the layout listed below, not the one in your textbook!
Cover Page:Include a title of the research proposal,course number, course name, and the author’s name Background /current situation
What led you to address this problem?
What are the
symptoms that led you to believe this problem needs to be addressed by business
You should not discuss the histo
ry of the company
how great
the business was/is.
In general, if you are investigating a current issue, anything
happened a few years ago is irrelevant.
Purpose of the Research:
What is the purpose of your research? Be very specific in
stating the
purpose. For example, your “purpose” might be that you want to investigate
the attitudes of consumers about a specific product and their decisions to purchase that product.
Research design and sample design:
You should discuss how the study will be conducted, including the source of data, how they are going to be collected,and the
type of research, exploratory, descriptive, or casual research.
If data are collected through surveys, you need to discuss what the target population is and how the sample will be determined. Also, instead of providing sample survey questions, you should provide general research questions to indicate what results the management can expect after you conduct the proposed research .
Budget and time schedule:
any complete research prop

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