[Solution]Criminal Law: Policy Implications

Paper details: Over the course of this semester, we have discussed and read about several different issues related to theory. The purpose of this section…

Paper details:
Over the course of this semester, we have discussed and read about several different issues related to theory. The purpose of this section of the final is for you to demonstrate an understanding and critical analysis of those issues as related to the material covered and read about in this class. This means that you are to be able to intellectually articulate an understanding of the theories you have learned over the course of this semester through the following assignment in relation to your final paper.

Your assignment is to:

1) Select 2 policy implications from your article reviews that you completed for your final paper. Identify what they are and give a brief description of each. Remember that policy implications are suggestions for action, creation of laws or programs that are actually in place or already proposed by your researchers. Look at you goals for examples.

2) Identify how each policy implication ties into 2 separate groups of theory.

3) Justify your application of each theory how does it fit into this group of theories and what are the possible theoretical criticisms or issues that could arise if trying to implement/apply these policy implications.

4) Finally which of the 2 theories you selected best fits the policy implication.

5) You must reference all of your materials and throughout your entire response in proper APA format – any responses given without proper references will be assigned a zero grade.

Clarification & Length.

Each policy implication write-up will be worth 50 points. You must do both to receive a grade for the assignment.

How you set up your response/paper for this assignment is important.

Each of the 3 policy implications should be written up separately and not exceed 1 pages in length. However they should all be contained in 1 final document. Just put subheadings on them to identify them e.g. Policy Implication 1 0r 2. You may reuse a theory if necessary from one policy implication write up to another however it must be written up separately (no cutting and pasting) and REMEMBER the goal is to demonstrate your knowledge of all the theories not just 2. Be wise in your selection. Since the write ups will all be in one document, it is ok to simply attach 1 reference page at the end of the entire document. Other Instructions:

Responses are to be typed in 12 font, with 1-inch margins. Times New Roman Text.

Outside sources are not to be used. Only the materials required for the course.

All work should include a header that includes: student name, the course code and section number, page number, date of the assignment, and the professors name.

Proofread your work! Points will be deducted for grammar, spelling, and formatting mistakes. Spell/Grammar Check on your computer is not proofreading.

Responses are to be turned in by deadline provided in blackboard Early submissions are encouraged.
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