[Recommended]What are the primary conflicts in the movie?

Format and Submission   The instructor is fully aware that most of these movies have reviews and analysis online. Please be cautious in using these…

Format and Submission
The instructor is fully aware that most of these movies have reviews and analysis online. Please be cautious in using these as you will tend to analyze the films from that writers perspective, and not your own. Use your experience and background, especially the sport related ones, not someone else’s. Or worse, you will be tempted to plagiarize which can cost you your grade or graduate student status. Use your words and ideas.The paper will be submitted via dropbox by deadline listed in syllabusThey should be double spaced, with one-inch margins, using Times New Roman, 12pt font. They should have an interesting title (not just the name of the movie!) and your name should appear at the top of the first page.The last part of your analysis paper will be the honor statement (this won’t count towards the word limit!):On my word of honor, I have completely viewed the movie (or movies) that I am analyzing.==================================================================Film analysis papers will be graded using the following rubric. Before you submit your paper, you should examine it carefully and think about how you would fill this rubric for your own paper.Paper rubricScorePossItem2Introduction / Conclusion: Does the paper have an introductory paragraph with a clear and argumentative thesis statement? Is it clear what you are going to discuss?1Organization: Is the essay clearly organized? How a paragraph relates to its predecessor and successor should be clear. Does the paper have effective transitions from example to example? Each paragraph should discuss only one example. Does the paper do this or are there multiple points made in a paragraph?6Assignment: Does the paper address the questions posed:

What is the film’s goal? Or when doing two films, what were the goals?
How well has the goal been accomplished?            

What are the primary conflicts in the movie?
How do they contribute to the movie’s goal / meaning?

What sociological/religious/cultural issues does the movie(s)? If 2 movies, give similarities or contrasts.
What does it simulate you to think about? Does it have any impact on how you view sport or society?

2Examples: Does the paper cite specific examples from the readings to support the argument? Does it spend too much time summarizing the film? Or does it briefly describe scenes to facilitate their analysis?2Mechanics and Grammar: Does the paper follow APA guidelines, citation guidelines, and have an honor- statement?Is the paper written in formal, academic English, without spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc?2Filmmaking storytelling: Does the paper attempt to identify film making or storytelling techniques, and the purposes for doing so.15One last very important point. Perhaps you really want to write about some other aspect of the film that does not really fit. Perhaps it is a character or situation that you really connect with. Perhaps there is a current event that you want to relate these films to. Or maybe you just have a really good idea that doesn’t fit with the above rubric. If that applies to you, then please write on that topic. If you want to go longer than what is mentioned above, then just make sure it is well written. Explore your ideas. It need not fit the above flow.It does need the following, however.

Honor statement.
Connection of both movies. It does not need to be an equal balance, but there should be some commonalities or points of connection.
A connection to recreation, sport, or leisure.
Some meaningful theme throughout.

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