ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before completing and submitting the assignment. You are required to submit an answer to the attached assignment question by the…

Read all instructions before completing and submitting the assignment.

You are required to submit an answer to the attached assignment question by the due date and time
for lodgment. Any requests for extension must be made prior to the due date via e-mail to the
lecturer-in-charge.Your assignment must be submitted electronically via the link that will be made available on
Moodle.You should follow the ‘quick presentation and referencing guide’ which immediately follows the
marking criteria at the end of this list of instructions. Failure to do so will be reflected in your mark
for the assignment.The word limit will be strictly enforced.In preparing an answer, you will inevitably discuss issues raised by the assignment with other
students. There is nothing in the UNSW rules prohibiting such discussions. However, in the end,
you must be able to state that the work that you have submitted is your work. Importantly, you
should ensure that you have not committed (either deliberately, or without intent) an act of
plagiarism (e.g. presenting another’s work or ideas as your own, failing to acknowledge the source
of a quotation, submitting the same or similar version of work to that of another student).Given that this assignment is a problem type question that may require you to undertake research,
no staff member working on this course, or any staff member in the School of Taxation & Business
Law, will provide assistance to you in writing and researching your answer. Accordingly, please do
not ask a staff member questions related to the assignment. If you require clarity in relation to any
facts contained in the assignment question, these should be directed to the lecturer-in-charge.Although the broad topics raised in the assignment will be topics covered in the course, the
assignment will raise issues that will not necessarily have been discussed in lectures or tutorials.
This means that you may have to go beyond the prescribed materials for the course in relation to
some issues. Whilst you will not be given a separate mark for research, reading beyond the textbook
/ required readings may assist you in writing your answer.You are welcome to source information from the ATO (particularly from Taxation Rulings or
similar), but extensive reliance on ATO documents (and the ATO website) instead of legislation
and case law will be reflected in your mark. You should use the ATO publications to support your
understanding of the legislation, (and should reference any ATO materials appropriately), but you
should not use it as a replacement for referring to legislation and cases.If you are dissatisfied with your grade, you should review your assignment and the feedback given.
Discussions regarding grades will not be entered into until you have reviewed your marked
assignment. You should then discuss your grade with the lecturer-in-charge. If you are still
dissatisfied with your grade, you are allowed to request a formal re-mark. Please note that such a
re-mark can result in your grade either (i) staying the same; (ii) being increased; (iii) being reduced.
Markers will be evaluating your assignments based on the following criteria:
Knowledge/Critical thinking and problem solving
 For each transaction, have you:
identified the issue;
identified appropriate law (legislation and/or cases as appropriate);
applied the law to the facts;
argued points that may be in doubt;
a conclusion as to the taxation treatment.
Written communication/presentation:
 Does your assignment have a clear structure?
 Is it free of errors (such as spelling, grammatical or typographical errors)?
 Does your assignment follow the “presentation and quick reference guide” included in this

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