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Research topic is upto the writers discretion. Final capstone paper is due by August. Assignment 1 • Initial description: provide a brief description of your…

Research topic is upto the writers discretion. Final capstone paper is due by August. Assignment 1 • Initial description: provide a brief description of your topic and or research for your capstone assignment. 1 page • Rationale: why you are choosing this topic and it’s impact on healthcare. 1 page • Relevance to core courses: how is this topic relevant to the courses that you took during your masters program. 1/2 page • Outline of project: outline of project including introduction, body and conclusion, planned appendices if any, preliminary reference. 2-3 pages, as this will develop as the course moves forward • Timeline for project completion: your personal timeline of when you will complete each deliverable for this assignment. Deliverables can be found in the syllabus. This should be in graphical form. Course Description Spring 1 2019 Syllabus HIN 701 Capstone: Health Care Information Technology Capstone course provides student with an opportunity to synthesize all previous coursework’s theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and to begin a career as an evidence-based professional by developing a research project proposal in response to an identified need within a health care organization. The culmination of all previous coursework is applied to answer actual or potential identified problems with a scientific approach. A Capstone approach also provides the opportunity for an academic analysis and discourse of a health information technology project between the student and academic advisor. This discourse develops the student as a health informatics professional and scientist. The Healthcare Informatics Capstone goes beyond a simple paper for a graduate course. It is the student’s signature statement of work. The goal is to synthesize the practicum, educational and life experience into one paper. The work should be of publishable quality and used during the student’s employment search. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student will: • Implement a detailed, time sensitive project proposal. • Synthesize a complex, population-focused problem related to advanced health care information technology practice in the student’s specialty area. • Integrate findings from the literature to describe the current state of health care information technology knowledge relevant to the identified problem. • Develop an action plan, based on current best evidence, to address the problem. • Complete a scholarly written presentation of the problem synthesis, literature review and plan in a manner that displays integration of the student’s program content.
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