[Recommended]Week 3 Project

Week 3 Project BEHAVIOR LOG LISTING 1 BEHAVIOR LOG LISTING 3 Kimberly Ray Chamberlain University SPCH277N: Interpersonal Communication Gordon McLean July 2019 Week 2 CCC:…

Week 3 Project

Kimberly Ray

Chamberlain University

SPCH277N: Interpersonal Communication

Gordon McLean

July 2019

Week 2 CCC: Part 2 Template

2A. Behavior Log Listing

Goal (from Part 1E):


· Who? My daughter

· What? Because she wants to invite 5 friends to Volcano bay plus her 2 siblings, 1 step sibling, and her cousin that’s staying with us for the summer. (Screams)!!

· Circumstances? She’s turning 15 so all of her friends are over twelve years of age which all need adult priced tickets and my hours are reduced at the moment because of school.

· How? Telephone, facetime, and text message


· Who? My boyfriend

· What? Planning a trip

· Where? Phone

· When? Now

· Why? Not spending enough Quality time together.

· Circumstances? I’m in school and he’s busy working!

· How? In person


· Who? My Mom

· What? Planning my daughter’s birthday trip

· Where? Orlando

· When? This weekend (two days away)!!

· Why? Because I’m a Procrastinator! Shaking my head!!

· Circumstances? It’s literally 2 days away!!

· How? Text and facetime.


· Who? My boyfriend

· What? Am I cooking dinner?

· Where? /At a home we share together.

· /When? 07/18/2019

· Why? Because dinner wasn’t cook at 6:30 p.m. before he left for work. I really wish I could use emojis!!!

· Circumstances? I was stuck at the table doing class work and trying to study for an exam and he didn’t understand!!

· How? In person.


· Who? Child’s father

· What? Child support

· Where? Jacksonville, Fl.

· When? 7/19/2019

· Why? Because he hadn’t sent any payments and his only daughter’s birthday trip is in two days.

· Circumstances? He’s a merchant seaman so child support can’t find him because he switches ships so much and he’s not voluntarily giving up his information… Shaking my head again!!!

· How? Via Email.


· Who? My Brother

· What? I don’t come visit enough

· Where? Prison.

· When? Anytime

· Why? Because of my school class.

· Circumstances? School is so strenuous that I don’t have the time between making sure I’m caught up on work and completing work!

· How? Via mail and phone.


· Who? My job

· What? Can I come in on my day off?

· Where? My job

· When? The next day Monday

· Why? Because my mom is still tired from my daughter’s birthday trip we took this weekend.

· Circumstances? She’s tired and I’m tired as well from this trip and she wants me to pick up the slack and I still have schoolwork to finish I don’t know how to handle it.

· How? In person.

2B. Behavior Log Review and Evaluation – Most Effective

The patterns I noticed throughout the week was that I communicate a lot better in person, versus text and email. I communicate better in person with verbal and nonverbal communication because I don’t want people to think I’m being rude especially my family and friends. Especially at work or towards my mother I tend to be more on the polite and think before I speak. When I’m not pressured into something, I’m able to think clearly, which is hardly ever.

2C. Behavior Log Review and Evaluation – Least Effective

I communicate at my worst when texting because over text attitudes can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way which is mostly read how I think the person would read it. Also, if I can see that you read my text and just didn’t respond to me really angers me and have me in my feelings and then when I see them I’m ready to address it! When I do not feel good or am already annoyed is when I do not communicate the best.

2D. Behavior Log Review and Evaluation – Recurring Communication

I noticed that some of my conversations were different with certain people. I feel as though I treated my mom, daughter and boyfriend with more respect than I did my child’s father because I didn’t want them to think I’m being rude. I really don’t care what my child’s father excuse is at all, so I think this it’s easier to say what I really feel.

2E. Behavior Log Review and Evaluation – Most Pressing Behavior

I plan on keeping my project goal the same because as you can two out of the seven days were about my daughter. Yes, I gave in and we were in Orlando this weekend. Bottom line, I know that it depends on the person and the mood I’m in that will negatively or positively affect my communication skills in that moment.


McLean, S. Exploring Interpersonal Communication. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsour ce.com/#/books/9781453390429/

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