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Geography homework help PHIL 309: Business Ethics Prompt for Final (Parts I and II) As noted on the syllabus, the final for our course has…

Geography homework help
PHIL 309: Business Ethics
Prompt for Final (Parts I and II)
As noted on the syllabus, the final for our course has two parts: Part I is a paper on your
choice of business ethics related topic, which will be turned in to a Dropbox on D2L; and
Part II is a multiple-choice question exam that you will complete on the D2L site.
Please read all information below, and contact me via email with any questions.
Part I.
For this part of the final, please write a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced) on your choice of
business ethics related topic. (I know the syllabus says 3-4 pages, but 2-3 is fine.) If you are
unsure whether your topic is sufficiently relevant to business ethics, please feel free to email
me and ask. You can choose a topic from the news, or your own experience (for example,
your experience at work, or as a volunteer, etc.). If you aren’t sure what to pick, you are also
welcome to write a paper on one of the assigned readings, as long as you didn’t already write
about it for the midterm.
Further – also like the midterm – having a separate “works cited” page is not required, and
you are not required to use any particular method of citation. Likewise, this is not a research
paper, so it is OK if you only refer to one text in your paper. However you do need to cite
key sources in *some* way or other wherever you use them or draw on them. Again, if
you’re just using one source, you can use parenthetical page references, or footnotes, or
whatever (and formatted however you like: APA, or Chicago, or MLA, etc.), but you do need
some form of citation if you are taking things verbatim. Also, if you are citing a lot of facts
and/or figures and/or stats (etc.), even if you are not copying them verbatim from a text but
rather paraphrasing, you should cite your sources. There were a few midterm papers that
had a number of facts, for example about the Exxon Valdez spill, that were clearly taken
from the text, even if not verbatim, and which should have been cited in some way.
The paper, like the midterm, is meant to be an argumentative paper. That means that you’ll
be introducing a topic (say, filesharing), explaining how it is an ethical issue or dilemma (for
example, because on the one hand, filesharing is similar to – or maybe even identical to –
stealing, while, on the other hand, digital files are “nonexclusive” in Hettinger’s sense and
thus sharing them may not seem to directly harm anyone), and then presenting a thesis and
arguing in support of it. You are encouraged to use the same basic format as the one given in
“Recommended Structure for Essays” handout that is included with the midterm materials in
the course content section of D2L.
This essay will be graded with a score out of 60.
Part II.
The second part of the final for our course is a 40-question online exam that will be made
available in Week 10. Once it is available you will be able to find it under “Quizzes” (click
on “Activities” and choose “Quizzes” from the drop-down menu). The due date for the exam
is on the syllabus and also on the quiz itself; please make note of it. I will not grant any
extensions except for dire circumstances. All questions will be multiple-choice. The review
sheet for this exam has recently been posted to D2L.
Your scores on these two components (out of 60 for the paper and out of 40 for the online
exam) will be added together; this combined number will be your total score for
the final exam.

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