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1) Heading: Introduction to Change Management: This part will cover what is change management, its effects, merits and demerits in context with the Organizational management.…

1) Heading: Introduction to Change Management: This part will cover what is change management, its effects, merits and demerits in context with the Organizational management. Change management is always perceived as a failed attempt to survive than being shown in a positive light. But if planned strategically covering all the corners inciting failure, then, can lead to the successful implementation of it with a thorough understanding of its requirement as predicted. The idea behind the change is explained here. I will use the textbook reference from Palmer, Dunford, and Akin (2016).
2) Heading: Chosen approach of change: I will project my experience as a change manager by using the reference from O Connors(1993) article to support it. Also, share some light on how did I and my team manage the resistance by being an effective manager. An effective change manager always ideates and then implements its change execution strategy based on the then situation of the organization and overall environmental pressures leading towards it. Different approaches to change are required at different stages to manage it. 
3) Heading: Response to change: As an end receiver of change, I will draft the key experiences by analyzing my own experiences and using the reference from Popa (2017), article. Responses to change vary between employees and staff. The narration of change and its interpretation plays a vital role in responding to change with a positive or negative outlook.
4) Heading: Communicating change: I would like to take the case study of boosting factory yields from Ch 12. for relating my ideas and implications defining my act in the future.
5) Heading: Managing Unanticipated Outcomes: While accounting my experience I would like to answer the managing and handling of unanticipated outcomes.
6) Heading: Change management competencies: from Ch 12. can prove to be helpful as a manager. It emphasizes on the skillset of a manager while acting as the initiator of change and what all aspects should be considered for managing the change. 
7) Heading: Key learnings and applications: I would like to add a quiet approach to leadership (Badaracco, 2001) and point out the hidden influencers (Duan et.al, 2014) to sustain the administered change.
8) Heading: Summary and Conclusion: Inference and conclusions based on the analysis and presentation of a case study. Also an overall understanding of identifying the change management need and its overall effect aligned with its responses to change instigated by the environmental factors and internal factors.
 In addition to your presentations report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for cla. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 18 slides (minimum). You should use content from your CLA2 report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should include learning outcomes from all your major assignments. This would include PA1, CLA1, PA2, and of course, CLA2 (unless otherwise specified by your Professor). An agenda, executive summary, and references slides should also be included. Please keep in mind that the university is moving towards a more digital footprint for our students. 
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