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As we’ve learned this semester, we are more likely to retain knowledge when it is encoded properly.  One of the ways to ensure quality encoding…

As we’ve learned
this semester, we are more likely to retain knowledge when it is encoded
properly.  One of the ways to ensure
quality encoding of material is to relate that material to yourself (think self
-reference effect).  So, for our last
paper, I want you to document instances of your cognition throughout your day.  In essence, you will be keeping a cognitive

To complete this assignment, you need to:

instances of your cognition throughout the day. Record the dates and times along with your journal entry. (Yes, you can do this across
multiple sessions).In
recording these instances, make sure you include cognitive events from AT LEAST 5
different categories/chapters listed
below (e.g., attention, LTM, problem solving, perception, decision
making).  I have listed out 7 different
categories – they are in bold below.  NO MORE than 8 instances of a
category.  That
is, for example, you can have 8 cognitive entries about attention or STM – but
no more than 8 for each category.  Please
bold or underline the cognitive process discussed
in each entry (e.g., attentional
capture, encoding specificity).  See
below for example journal entries. NOTE: You may not use cognitive
process terms more than once.You
need a total of
40 journal entries.  I don’t
mind if you want to do more than 40, but that is the minimum. -This
does not need to be in a formal paper format. 
Bullet points are fine. That is, bullet-point each entry you do.  Be sure to arrange the bullet points by
category/chapter (e.g., all attention entries together…then all
decision-making entries together, etc.).No
need for any citations whatsoever.  This
is just your experience.  No
page minimum/maximum.BE SPECIFIC!! DO NOT attempt to hand in entries like “1:05
had a long term memory” or “2:30 used imagery”. 
BE SPECIFIC! See below for examples.

iCollege I have enabled you to see the amount of overlap between your submitted
paper and other sources.  Use it!  The percentage displayed is the amount of
overlap.  A small amount of overlap is
usually not problematic but try to keep your percentage as close to zero as possible.  If you ask me to grade a paper that has more than 25% overlap, you will receive
a zero on that assignment.

Please upload
your paper as a Word document to the assignment folder “Cognitive Journal”

is a list of possible cognition that you may include in your paper.  Note:
this is not an exhaustive list.  If we
have covered it, it is fair game.  So,
you may have thought of other instances of cognition that I have not listed
here.  Please feel free to use those as
well – so long as we have discussed them.


            Perception with action

            Viewpoint invariance

            Bottom-up processing

            Top-down processing

            Gestalt principles – e.g., good
continuation, simplicity, similarity


            Cocktail party effect

            Attentional capacity

            High & low load or divided

            Attentional capture


Short-term/working memory


            Working memory capacity


Long-term memory

            Episodic memory

            Maintenance rehearsal

            Elaborative rehearsal

Deep processing – e.g., self -reference
effect, generation effect, organization, retrieval practice

Shallow processing

Retrieval cues

Encoding specificity

State-dependent learning      

Memory errors

            Flashbulb memory

            Source monitoring error

Categorization/knowledge (aka
semantic memory)

Visual imagery

of Journal Entries

*Note organization by Chapter*


7/15/17 10:30 am On
my way to Kroger, I experienced attentional
capture due to an ambulance’s siren behind me.


7/13/17 11:15 am
I used perception and action together
while running on a trail.  I used
perception to help me guide where to put my feet and help steer clear of
obstacles.  But, as I was running, my
perception changed as different scenery and obstacles became apparent.

Decision making

7/17/17 12:30 pm
I received a renewal notice in the mail for my apartment complex.  They want me to renew my lease.  The place is a nightmare – management is
awful and the maintenance non-existent. 
However, I will likely stay put for another year (status quo bias).

Long term

7/15/17 1:15 pm
Studying for cognitive psychology exam. 
I am using deep processing
to learn the material by relating it to material I learned previously in my
sensation and perception class.

7/16/17 2:30 pm I
was talking to a friend and she was telling me about a trip to the beach this
summer.  This conversation acted as a retrieval cue and made me recall
a beach trip I took with my mom 2 years ago.

7/17/17 8:00 pm
My friend told me about a party happening later.  I am using maintenance rehearsal to try to remember the address where
the party is happening.  However, I am
likely going to fail miserably because everyone knows maintenance rehearsal is
wildly ineffective!
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