[Solution]Economic Evaluation in the Public Sector

PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to study one CBA paper in more depth. Students will examine how…


purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to study
one CBA paper in more depth. Students will examine how the tool of CBA is
applied to a particular project and will make connections between this CBA and
the material covered in the course, including the required readings. Please
ensure you are working on the paper you were assigned (see below).


will write a 4 page report (single-spaced) on the assigned paper. Tables, figures, and references are not part of this count but in total
your report should not exceed 8 pages. Your report will be evaluated on content
and on presentation, style and grammar. It should include a list of
references and use proper citations and footnotes where needed. Feel free to use any
recognized style for referencing and citations, as long as you apply it
consistently throughout.

writing is a skill used in academic and employment settings and differs from
essay writing. The key features of a report (for the purposes of this

presents facts, undertakes analysis, offers conclusions  and recommendations,usually contains tables,
charts and diagrams,usually include descriptions
of the methods used, andis divided into different parts and sections with
headings and subheadings (if needed).

 Your report will:

1. Present the facts:

the project(s) being evaluated the main benefit and cost
impacts considered the time frame adopted and the
discount rate usedkey indicator(s) used: NPV,
B/C, other?the main result

2. Describe the methods

which benefits and costs
are valued using market techniques which benefits and costs
are valued using non-market techniques & whywhat non-market valuation
technique(s) are used and are they appropriate? Why or why not?

3. Describe the sensitivity analysis undertaken

what type of sensitivity
analysis is undertakenwhich benefits and costs impacts
are most important in terms of the sensitivity analysis does the sensitivity
analysis change the paper’s recommendation with respect to the project

4. Present conclusions

is the project worthwhileis additional analysis
needed? If so, what?key measurement challenges


Do not simply regurgitate the
paper. The idea is to report but also to provide value. Think: what is most important, most
innovative, most interesting in the paper.

Do not copy tables, graphs or
other information and insert into your report – that is plagiarism and will be
treated as academic misconduct.

Do think of innovative ways
to summarize benefits and costs or key results. Can you create a table or
graphic of your own to highlight the most important impacts, results or
sensitivity results? Is their sensitivity analysis presented in a table?
Perhaps you can present the most important results in a graph?

Do look for connections to the
required readings in the course. Look for one or two of the required readings that
are “similar” (similar project, similar non-market valuation challenge) Does
your paper use a similar or different techniques for valuation? Why? Is the
type of sensitivity analysis undertaken similar? Which paper is easier to
understand? Why?

Do seek help (from me, a peer, the Writing Centre) if
you are struggling with these tasks or with writing in general.

Here is a link to an example of a short
report on recent Health Canada research findings published by the Pembina
Institute. It uses a nice mix of text, headings, graphs and tables to summarize
the findings. It also provides a nice “how-to” on using footnotes. The only
thing missing is a list of reference at the end.



G5: Reed, D., et. al. (1982).
“Methods of Reducing Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Benefit Cost Analysis,” Wildlife
Society Bulletin
The post Economic Evaluation in the Public Sector

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