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Play sets the stage for learning in early childhood education. At the same time, different cultures adapt their curricular approach to reflect the cultural beliefs…

Play sets the stage for learning in early childhood education. At the same time, different cultures adapt their curricular approach to reflect the cultural beliefs within the community. There are early childhood programs all over the world that ascribe to the different approaches we have studied in this course. However, each individual classroom and/or program adapts the model to meet the specific needs of the population it serves. The Montessori program in Buffalo NY probably looks different than a Montessori program in the South of France. The teachers have been trained in the same guiding philosophy, but the approach is adapted based on the cultural context of the community. For your final project, your job is to research how an early childhood learning environment changes within different cultural contexts. The topic is intentionally broad, and you are encouraged to select an area of interest for further research, then think about how the curriculum models differ within those contexts. As you research your topic, be sure to include some potential barriers and discuss how we might address those barriers For example: In some cultures, children are left outside to play for hours, even in the Winter; Other cultures tend to avoid outside time due to program constraints. Look into how adults view outdoor time in areas such as Finland, compared to youth who live in cities that might be considered dangerous. What would Maria Montessori think about the barriers we see today, and what might she recommend? In some cultures, children play with everyday materials like sticks and stones and they climb trees during the recreational time; Other cultures restrict the children to large manufactured play sets for safety. How do we see the use of playgrounds, and how has it evolved over the years? What are the specific barriers, and how would the Waldorf approach address these barriers? If you like History – We learned that the Reggio Emilia approach was developed after World War II by pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi and parents in the villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy, and derives its name from the city. Research the community where the Reggio Emilio approach was developed. What was life like in Italy after World War 2. What were the people and families like? What can you find out about the context of life in Italy as it compares to life now? Other examples for topics include the cultural contexts of play, celebration of holidays within the classroom, messy activities, and regulations that restrict some aspects of the curriculum. The topic is open so if you have a different idea, please reach out to your instructor. You may find the American Journal of Play useful in your research. This written assignment should be about 7-8 pages. Please include at least 3 peer-reviewed sources and provide a reference page

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