[Solution]Assignment 3 (Part B) – Using Google AdWords for Marketing Promotion

How to submit: Original figures captured from your campaign dashboard/explanations to each figure/summary of the campaign Please post your screenshots and explanations in the Microsoft…

How to submit:

Original figures captured from your campaign
dashboard/explanations to each figure/summary of the campaign

Please post your screenshots and explanations in the Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word Document you have created for
the pre-campaign report. These questions are designed to help you dig deeper
into how AdWords campaign works.

What to submit (at least 7 screenshots/figures and a
short explanation to each figure) –

find the required figures or screenshots at each stage of this tutorial.

Overall summary of your Campaign Performance (Minimum
400 words):
• Key performance metrics during your campaign window compared to the 10 days
prior to managing the account and your set goals (spend, impressions, clicks,
CPC, CTR and conversions). What performed well and what didn’t? What changes
(if any) did you have to make to your original strategy?

Tutorial: Intro to Google
AdWords Campaigns 2017 (YouTube video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tICNGabuzgg&t=5s

Supporting website:



You have a website or small business, but how
can you let other people know it exists in the competitive online space?  How
can you ensure your website is found when people conduct searches in
Google.com?  Launching a new AdWords search campaign is an exhilarating
but enjoyable process. AdWords is a powerful digital marketing tool to
help businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals get websites in front
of the right people.

This exercise let students learn how to use the
AdWords platform to drive traffic to their client’s website.

Learning Objectives

To acquire hands on experience
driving traffic to a landing page within your website. One page will be a web
page, such as “Sullivan Complex,
University of Southern Maine” web page and the other is a different
web page (or landing page) of your choice.  The landing page may be
an existing page or a new one that is designed specifically for your
client.  To spend a daily budget of $1.00-$2.00
within a 7-day campaign window (The
maximum you could spend will be $10)To understand how to improve account
performance using optimization strategiesTo perform experiments over time (i.e., Long tail
keywords vs. Short Tail keywords)To improve performance over time (maximize
CTR, minimize CPC, etc.)Compare your performance week over week


Watch this intro video ‘Using AdWords Tool For Market
Research’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfNN2eu6Vio

This YouTube video might be helpful to help you get
started – ‘Complete Google AdWords
Tutorial 2016: Go From Beginner To Advanced With This AdWords Course’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhSnj3jR_6c).

A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing: Better Pay-Per-Click
Ads https://blog.kissmetrics.com/beginners-guide-ab-testing-ppc/

Geddes, B. (2014). Advanced Google AdWords. John
Wiley & Sons (free eBook available at the USM Library)

      Other Tips you might want to read in the

Each day, remember to reset your daily budget
and optimize your account.

Read these policies VERY carefully. http://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/topic/1626336?hl=en&ref_topic=2996750  Just
ONE violation can get your account suspended.

If you notice any
problems or issue in your account, contact me immediately.

If you notice any problems or issue in your
account, contact Google http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/8206.  You can reach the Google
ads team from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday at 1-866-2GOOGLE

Account Structure
Overview – my Ads is alive; however, I am getting zero impressions and clicks.
What shall I do?

Solution 1/figure 1 –reset your location preference

AdWords location
targeting allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you
choose. For instance, if your main marketing objective is to “reach people near your business (i.e., Portland, Maine),” then
you can easily set up the following location preference for segmentation and
targeting purposes.

Remember your initial goal is to
generate as many impressions as possible. I suggest that you use the following
targeting strategy. For instance, you can add a radius parameter to target
consumers located within 500 miles of your target location.

2/ figure 2: Change the keyword strategy for your AdWords campaign

If you are not seeing
any impressions or clicks, you might want to do the following revision. You
should add a few “fat head” keywords using the “broad match” strategy. See the
following screenshot.

To add a few more
keywords using a broad match strategy, you just need to add a quotation mark to
each of the keywords you used for the campaign.

3/figure 3: Reset your daily budget

Since your goal is to
generate some impressions and clicks. Now you would like to do the following
revision to reset your daily maximum budget to $10. “Long tail” keywords
definitely cost more for you to generate impressions or clicks. When competing
with other Ads campaigns launched by other agencies, a low budget will not
likely to bring you any impressions or clicks.

4 / figure 4: run an A/B testing in 3 to 5 minutes (please only capture the
screenshot when your AB test is ready to be launched)

A/B testing is not required for this assignment.
However, for the group project, you are required to launch an A/B test for your
client. Within each AdWords
campaign, you will need a minimum of two Ad Groups.

Within each Ad Group,
you will need at least two slightly different ads running at all times (A/B

Within each Ad Group you
want to aim for a minimum of 5- 20 eligible keyword phrases (long
tail vs. short tail, you decide).  Look in the “status” column to see if
the keywords you bid on are “eligible”.

The following introduction shows you how to
create your second campaign in seconds.

you’ve already set up a successful campaign, you can use it to get a head start
on setup for your next campaign. To do this, copy the campaign, then modify one
of the copies. That way you start with the same structure and settings for your
ad groups, ads and keywords.

duplicate a campaign:

Sign in to
your AdWords account Click the Campaigns tab.Check the
box next to the campaign you would like to duplicate.

From the Edit menu, click Copy (or Control-C for PCs, Command-C for

You will find a black color pop-up text window which says “1 ad
group copied

Then, from
the Edit menu, click Paste (or Control-V for PCs, Command-V for
Macs). See the new campaign automatically named “Ad group 1 #2.”

In the dialog box that appears, check the box next to “Pause new campaigns
after pasting” to create new campaigns that are paused. Otherwise, any copies
of campaigns that were active when copied will be active when pasted.Click Paste

will now have a new campaign that will have the same structure and settings as
your original campaign (including your targeting settings, bid strategies,
negative keywords and more). However, it will not have any campaign, keyword or
ad history.

Now you should be ready to launch your first AB test. You will be keeping both
campaigns active. I recommend that you keep your original campaign running (so
it continues with the history it’s already generated) and modify the new

There are many other ways to set up an AB test. This is only a recommended
procedure for absolute beginners.

For more, please visit https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3400898?hl=en

5 overview of your campaign

The following screenshots provide a visual tour
of the Google AdWords site. You will only be asked to submit Figure 2, 3, &
4 (see the screenshots on Pages 8 & 9). The screenshots are captured from
the real-world Google AdWords Campaign for the USM Digital Marketing
Competition I launched in spring 2017.

Once you have followed the basic introductions
above, you should now be able to get a real-time overview of the AdWords
campaign(s). If you click the home button, you will be shown the homepage of your AdWords account

5: overview of your AdWords Campaign

Figure 6: Exploring your KPIs on the
Campaigns tab

Next, get to the Campaigns tab and click on the
Campaigns tab at the top. The campaigns you are managing will be shown on the
following dashboard. If you need help, please refer to the following site: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2454005?hl=en

Running Google Ads is an iterative process. Make
sure to perform a review after 1-2 days to find out how your ad is doing (i.e.,
any impressions or clicks). The screenshot below shows that I received 24
clicks and 1323 impressions during the first campaign day for the following
event at USM.

7 – now click the name of the campaign and compare the keywords you have been
using for each campaign and draw conclusions and make conclusions

For instance, you can explain
why Ads group 1 received more impressions and clicks than Ads group 2. You
might want to refer to the textbook or any online articles to support your

Alternatively, you can
compare your location strategy and make recommendations on why certain
campaigns perform better than others

Again, launching an Ads campaign is an iterative
process. My humble opinion for you is to follow the following path:

1) Make something. It sucks. 2) Realize it sucks. 3)
Actually care about it. 4) Find ways to improve. 5) Try again; repeat forever.
A lot of people get stuck at either 2) or 3). 4) and 5) are practically
automatic if you pass 3).

It might be surprising but digital marketers really don’t need to know
that the very low level nitty gritty about different digital marketing tools
and how they work in things that you may hear that are very intimidating. You
have all developed a wide variety of expertise which will help you hit the
ground running. If you would like to dig deeper into digital marketing and web
marketing, that’s an entire discipline there’s entire college majors in digital
marketing analytics, computer science, and art design and at least 10 to 50
courses devoted towards how digital marketing works at a low level.

As an entry level digital marketer things are abstracted away so that we
only need to understand the very basics. Understanding these basics will allow
you to know more than your employers do – Introspective System has never used
Google Ads before. But we don’t have to be experts on all this very
intimidating nitty gritty stuff.


How to Set Up Your
First Web Marketing Campaign in Google AdWords, Web Marketing
All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition, By John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty
Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten available at http://www.dummies.com/web-design-development/site-development/how-to-set-up-your-first-web-marketing-campaign-in-google-adwords/


Google AdWords Tutorial 2016: Go From Beginner To Advanced With This AdWords
Course, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhSnj3jR_6c.

Geddes, B.
(2014). Advanced Google AdWords. John Wiley & Sons (Downloadable free electronic version
available at the USM Library)
The post Assignment 3 (Part B) – Using Google AdWords for Marketing Promotion

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