This assignment will require you to identify, research and develop an informative written AND PowerPoint presentation for a local, state, or national example of a…

This assignment will require you to
identify, research and develop an informative written AND PowerPoint
presentation for a local, state, or national example of a public, private or non-
profit VICTIM ASSISTANCE OR ADVOCACY PROGRAM. The purpose of this important
field research exercise is to afford you the opportunity to see the broad range
of community efforts being made on behalf of crime victims. The organization
may be designed to provide for general victim reparations for all crime types,
for victim mental and emotional rehabilitation, for proactive victim
prevention, or for assistance to victims of specific crimes or crimes against
specific groups (i.e., children, the aged, the intimate, or the challenged).

Once you have identified the
organization that you will research you should begin examining its enabling
legislation or mission statement, interviewing someone with a significant
connection to the operation (an officer or agency employee), and evaluating
that organization in order to determine the effectiveness.

Your examination of that
organization must include information about how it addresses its victim
audience, the size, shape and structure of the organization, the budget and
source of funding of that organization over time and during the current
fiscal year, the governance of the organization (does it have a Board of
Directors, an Advisory Council, caseworkers, psychologists, social
workers, state or local government staffing, private staff, etc.?) and an
assessment of effectiveness of the organization in addressing its mission
or enabling language. In other words, figure out if it is doing a good

Remember that this exercise is
designed to provide insight into the enormous task of advocating for victims of

Your interview portion of this
assignment is an integral piece, affording you and your colleagues first
hand opportunities to discuss this important part of our social order.Your paper and PowerPoint MUST
consider the stated purposes of the organization and should relate those
purposes to specific victimology theories introduced throughout your text
and supplemental materials.

Finally, your work should encourage
you to make the connection between preventing and fighting crime AND dealing
with the consequences of criminal behavior on a more personal, focused level.
Your opinion about the social impact and cost effectiveness of the organization
you have examined should be supported through your readings, research and
interview, and any additional relevant support information you choose to

This written assignment requirement is for a paper submitted
in APA format, using 12-point font, double-spaced, and attached to the link as
a .doc or .docx file.  Your assignment must include an introduction, body,
and conclusion, and it is anticipated that a thorough examination of this topic
will result in approximately 8-10 pages of text.  In addition, your paper
must include a cover page, abstract, and reference page.  A minimum of two
(2) scholarly sources must be used.

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