[Solution]Emergency Preparedness Guide for the Zombie Apocalypse

Purpose: As we have seen this semester, the CDC has developed an emergency preparedness guide for the zombie apocalypse. Their purpose in doing so is…


As we have seen this
semester, the CDC has developed an emergency preparedness guide for the zombie
apocalypse. Their purpose in doing so is to educate the general public about
the need to be prepared for any kind of prolonged, life threatening emergency.
The final project for the class will be your opportunity to design your own
emergency preparedness guide.


First, you will need to
select a specific geographic location. You could choose your home town, your
house, the local mall, a movie theatre, a building at the BCC campus, or any
other location that you deem to be appropriate. For the purposes of this
assignment, this will be the place where you will be locked down until the
zombie apocalypse has passed.


As you design your guide,
you will want to consider the supplies that you would need, how you would
secure the building, how you would remain connected to the outside world, and
how you would address possible unexpected occurrences that might compromise
your safety.


Lastly, you will want to
select one other emergency and show how this guide will also be useful in that
situation. You may choose a weather event, such as a hurricane, tornado, or
earthquake, or a social event, such as a riot.


Your have complete
creative license for how you lay out this particular document. To be a true
technical document, it will need to blend together visuals with text. If you
choose to use photos, they must be ones that you have taken. Consider using
charts and graphs as well in ways that are appropriate and meaningful to the
guide. Overall, there needs to be a healthy balance of text and visuals in the
guide. You should use the sample recommendation report in the Markel text on p.
360-383 as a model for constructing your document. (Note: the model does not
include any graphics, but it gives you the sense of how to lay out the document


In addition, you will
need to conduct academic research and integrate information from a minimum of five sources. You may use the CDC as a source for the assignment.
Your remaining sources should come from the library reference databases,
credible web pages, and books. A reference librarian will be coming to class on
two occasions to assist you with the research. All sources will need to be
cited according to current APA
guidelines. You will need a References
page for this assignment. Consistent with APA guidelines, you should also
paraphrase rather than quote from your sources.

draft requirements:

The final draft will also
need a transmittal letter, an executive summary, a bibliography that lists
other sources that were not cited as part of the actual guide, and an appendix
(you determine what goes here.) The model referenced above shows you where each
of these components fits in.

This project will be
assessed on the following:

1. Appropriateness of the

2. Quality of the
information provided

3. Appropriate and
relevant use of visuals

4. Clarity and precision
of the prose

5. Relevance of the
research and accuracy of APA format

6. Inclusion of all the
relevant sections of the finished document

7. Creativity and ease of

8. Grammatical precision

Your finished product
should be no longer than 25 pages, excluding the transmittal letter, executive
summary, bibliography, References page, and appendix.

of the project:

Aside from this final
document, you will have 3 other assignments that are related to the project.
You will need to submit a Research Proposal and a Progress Report. During the
last week of the semester, each of you will be required to give a 5-7 minute presentation
about your guide. You will receive separate assignment sheets for each of
these. All of these are self standing assignments that will not directly impact
the grade that you receive on the emergency preparedness guide itself.


You are all required to
have a partial draft of this assignment reviewed by the Writing Center. Please
see the syllabus for additional directions about this requirement. This stage
is worth 10 points of the assignment.


All stages of this
assignment are due when they are due. Late assignments will not be accepted. Please
budget your time accordingly so that all work is completed on time. The guide
is due on the last day of class and must be submitted electronically through
our Blackboard space.
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