[Solution]Impacts of safety and risk management on British Petroleum P.L.C.’s upstream supply chain activities in U.S.A division

Marking element: Marker’s comments: Mark: CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Approx. 1000 words  Describe the scope/ background of the research  Outline the research problem indicating…

Marking element: Marker’s comments: Mark:
Approx. 1000 words
 Describe the scope/ background of the research
 Outline the research problem indicating the rationale behind
the investigation
 Clear statement of aim and objectives
 A well-formulated research question interpreted and derived
from the objectives
 Introduce the reader to the context for and expectations
underlying the proposed research
 A research plan and timeline can be presented here (e.g.
Gantt etc.) (optional)
The Abstract, although comprehensive, does not
include the outcome of the research
The Introduction gives an account of the oil spill in
some detail. The narrative slips into the first person
on occasions.
(6 / 10)
Agreed mark
Approx. 3000 words
 Critical and in-depth knowledge of what others have written
on the subject relevant to the research topic and research
 Solid understanding of relevant debates, concepts &
theories related to the topic and research questions
 A clear articulation of main research questions raised by the
literature review and empirical studies
 Substantive, correctly formatted References using Harvard
style provided.
Presumably Chapter 1 begins the literature review!
The references are difficult to spot as the author has
not used Harvard style. This also makes certain
statements hard to attribute (e.g. Paragraph 2 page
8) or are not attributed at all (e.g. Paragraph 2 page
9). Chapter 2 readable but not sure what it adds to
the investigation. Chapter 3 Only 1 observable
references in a very long section Chapter 4 is devoid
of them.
After 34 pages it ends. This was a well-researched
magazine article not a dissertation.
(5 / 20)
Approx. 2000 words.
 An account of the research question/hypothesis and
resulting objectives to be investigated.
 An account of the chosen research philosophy and/or
approach, and choice justification as it relates to the
research question/hypothesis.
 Clear description of the methods to be used to conduct the
 Justification as to why the selected methods are considered
to be the most appropriate for responding to the research
 Brief description of secondary sources and primary sources
that are not part of literature review.
 Discussion of the sample, instruments (design, pre-testing,
administration), and data collection process to be
 Explanation of the methods/models/concepts to be used to
analyse the collected data.
 Description of any anticipated difficulties associated with
gathering and analysis of data and how they can be
overcome. (optional)
 Description of ethical issues and how these are proposed to
be dealt with. (optional)
The only reference to research is in the introduction
“This research will be written with
constructivist approach to identify
knowledge gap, in the relationship of risk and
safety management impact on the upstream
operations of BP in the United States. In order
for this research to reach its outcome, it will
utilize qualitative and quantitative data
No discernible attempt at anything other than
secondary research.
(5 / 15)
Approx. 3500 words
 Presentation of findings are presented in an organised,
logical and coherent manner under sub-headed themes.
 Identification of links, patterns, trends within data and the
contribution to new discussions in the area researched.
 Making reference to research objectives and research
 Comparison and contrast of findings obtained with existing
literature, as discussed in the literature review chapter. This
should also include discussion of any unexpected/unique
 A discussion of the meaning and implication of findings.
Must acknowledge that a lot of secondary research
went in to this and that the author is knowledgeable.
It reads like a finely crafted magazine article
(5 / 25)
Approx. 500 words
 Re-statement of problem and a clear statement of how the
research question has been solved or resolved.
 A summary of key findings in relation to your research
questions as well as discussion of any anomalies.
 Weigh the final results of your research against the original
aims and objectives of the dissertation.
 Implications for future research, practice, policy or
 Provide recommendations and supporting analysis of the
options which solve or resolve the research question.
 Provide suggestions for areas of future research.
 Research limitations may be highlighted based on reflection
on the experience of doing fieldwork and research.
Rather than a conclusion we are presented with
consequences for the Gulf of Mexico and BP and the
causes of the accident
(5 / 15)
Professionalism of dissertation; observation of 10,000 ± 10%.
word limit; effective organisation, logical structure, good spelling
and grammar and careful proofreading; effective use of tables,
graphs and appendices.
Title page; Dedications/ Acknowledgments/ Foreword; List of
Charts/Tables; List of Abbreviations; Table of Contents;
Quality and quantity of effective and relevant sources used in the
dissertation; correctly formatted using the Harvard Referencing
Presentation adequate (although double-line
spacing would have helped). Some sub-headings
buried in text.
No real guide to where this was going.
References were few or non-existent and not in the
Harvard style
(2 / 5)
An overall impression mark allows the marker to consider matters
such as:
 the impact of the dissertation as a whole
 unique or innovative features of the students’ approach to the
issue or
 problem on which the dissertation focuses
 overall coherence and the way the material is linked together
showing critical analysis and discussion
Not sure that this student understood what was
expected of him.
(3 / 10)
TOTAL% 31%
The post Impacts of safety and risk management on British Petroleum P.L.C.’s upstream supply chain activities in U.S.A division

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