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Note: Please include the “Certification of Authorship” form in your submission. Instructions Please submit your final paper / project report based on my comments provided…

Note: Please include the “Certification of Authorship” form in your submission. Instructions Please submit your final paper / project report based on my comments provided to your topic proposal. The report should have no less than 15 pages, double-spaced and not counting the title page, table of contents, bibliography, or any figures. For a research paper you should use a bibliography of no fewer than five sources that appear as references in the body. Your report should use headings and sub-headings to reflect its structure. Please proofread your report carefully to ensure that it contains no spelling or grammatical errors. Use the APA format where appropriate. Please also note that your submission may be checked by an automated system to ensure that it is not a duplicate submission in other courses and that it follows the academic integrity policies. If your work is related to another course work, the content should be substantially (at least 2/3) different. You should also pay close attention to crediting the words or ideas of others. For any citation, try as much as you can to rephrase the original words. When you have to use the original words from other publications, remember to include in quotation marks. When you use the ideas from a publication, you should indicate clearly by citations, so that your own contribution can be clearly separated from other publications. For more information about Standards of Academic Integrity, refer to the course syllabus and the university Student Handbook

Rule of thumb: never copy and paste without proper citations!
A general structure of the final paper should include the following sections. Note the actual
structure may vary depending on the topic area and the focus of your reviewed paper.
1. Title of the paper
2. Abstract and key words
3. General introduction of the problem area
4. A concise problem statement
5. Solutions to the problem
6. Your critical review on the approaches
7. Summary and conclusion
8. List of references
If you choose the project option, in addition to the requirements shown above, the project report
should include the following components.
1. A working prototype.
2. A brief user manual how the prototype could be executed.
3. A discussion on key data structures, algorithms (in the form of pseudo code – not the source
code), programming environment, and tests/experiments performed using the prototype. You
should also discuss what conclusions can be achieved through the experiments.
4. A discussion how it compares to similar projects in the field.
5. Other components you deem necessary.
You don’t have to include the source code in the final submission. If you choose to submit,
please don’t include it in the project report; instead put it in a separate file.
Reference information on the APA style

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