[Solution]Topic: Analysis of new offering/product in view of Strategic Marketing

Introduction This module is assessed entirely by a single written piece of work. Before beginning this task, it will be to your advantage to undertake…

This module is assessed entirely by a single written piece of work. Before beginning this task, it will be to
your advantage to undertake and complete as much of the module work as possible, as the effort
involved here—particularly to achieve a high-quality outcome—is considerable and should not be
underestimated! Details of the assessment scope and requirements are given below. Good luck!
The Assessment
1. Select a new offering – a product or a service – that has been internally developed and subsequently
introduced by your organisation or any other organisation in the U.K., E.U., U.S. or other country
market at some point during the calendar years 2018-2019. Make your selections of
product/service, brand, and market to enable you to best demonstrate your knowledge. After
stating your choices, define and describe the overall market for the offering, including the most
appropriate bases for segmentation of the market and some likely key success factors for
organisations competing in the market. (15%)
2. Identify and describe the organisation’s strategic marketing objectives for the offering and the
apparent criteria that would be used in judging whether or not it is or isn’t successful. (5%)
3. Fully describe the organisation’s marketing strategy for the offering, including how it and associated
brand are positioned in the overall market. (30%)
4. Carefully analyse and critique your organisation’s offering’s marketing strategy. Comment on the
product’s apparent success relative to the organisation’s strategic marketing objectives, strengths,
and weaknesses. Emphasising the most important aspects facing the organisation now and in the
future given the organisation’s performance and market competition, analyse what important
changes in the organisation’s environment might occur in the future and the implications for the
offering’s marketing strategy. Comment on the likelihood of the offering’s future success (i.e.,
success over the next three-to-five years) and provide recommendations for feasible new marketing
strategy initiative(s) to support the offering’s future success. (50%)
In all instances, references to multiple credible sources, rather than pure, unsubstantiated opinion or
marketing hype, will provide the strongest level of support for and credibility to the assumptions,
arguments, analyses, justifications, and conclusions you will be making in your assessment.
Other Requirements
Refer appropriately to marketing strategy concepts, models, etc. covered in the module and other
materials to support your assessment and demonstrate your understanding, knowledge, and ability to
integrate the concepts in a practical setting.
Word Limit: 3500 words.
Word count: Provide a word count at the top of your document. When counting your words, please
follow the WBS Policy on word counts.
Spelling and grammar: Check your document for spelling and grammar.
Sources: All sources used in the assignment including personal contacts, text, journals, magazines,
newspapers, etc., must be referenced in your essay and a properly formatted list of references must
follow your essay. Your reference list is not included in the word count.
Marking will focus on your written demonstration of your understanding of the concepts covered in the
module and your ability to critically select, analyse, and evaluate the concepts for a current and actual
situation. A successful essay must of necessity go beyond development and presentation at the level at
which material is covered in the module as well as that which is simply restated from the text. Starting
your assessment early will very likely improve the quality of your essay. An assessment such as this
cannot easily be done with little time for considerable and careful development and crisp, clear
All participants must work independently.
Note: The purpose of selecting a product from 2018-2019 calendar years rather than a product
introduced at an earlier time is that the evaluation of a current product is more challenging than for an
older product. The additional information available on an older product greatly simplifies analysis and
evaluation of the product’s marketing strategy as there is the benefit of greater hindsight. Evaluating a
current product helps you develop foresight in marketing strategy.
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The post Topic: Analysis of new offering/product in view of Strategic Marketing

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