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Assignment Your assignment is to select a topic of controversy pertaining to the field of psychological testing. In a 2-3 page typed essay (double spaced),…

Your assignment is to select a topic of controversy pertaining to the field of
psychological testing. In a 2-3 page typed essay (double spaced), consider the
following questions:
• What is the controversy you chose?
• What are the key arguments on each side of the controversy?
• What is your opinion about the controversy and why do you feel this way?
• What are your recommendations for dealing with this controversy in the real
world (for example, as an educator, clinician, researcher, etc. – whoever is likely
to encounter it)?
In addition to your textbook/lectures, which should provide a source of background
information, you must choose at least 2 outside references (more if needed) about the
controversy. References about the controversy can come from peer-reviewed sources
(such as journal articles), but do NOT have to be journal articles. You can use
magazines, newspapers, and books instead (for example, a New York Times article). Tip:
You cannot use Wikipedia or someone’s blog as your source, but you can use those
types of websites to help you find real sources, if they cite their original references.
Please make sure that you use reputable sources with sufficient information on the
controversy. If you’re not sure if a particular source is “reputable”, ask! Please make sure
to cite your references at the end of the paper. Be extremely careful to not plagiarize
your sources – paraphrase, don’t directly copy!
This paper is worth 25 points. Late
papers will be accepted, with a 15% (4 point) deduction for each day late. A paper is
considered late 15 minutes after the start of class on the due date.
Successful papers will be clearly written and comprehensive. The paper should cover
more than your personal opinion, incorporating the information and viewpoints you
gather from your outside sources. Make sure to give both sides of the controversy equal
weight in your discussion. Finally, be thorough and practical in your recommendations
(i.e., don’t just say there is no hope!). You should have multiple suggestions that could
be implemented in practice – not just for test developers, but for people who actually
have to use the controversial test. How should they deal with this controversy and this
test in the real world?
Controversy Examples (do not feel limited to these topics):
Racial bias in testing
Criterion-referenced testing (e.g., No Child Left Behind)
The validity of standardized testing (e.g., GRE)
Multi-dimensional conceptualizations of IQ
The use of projective personality tests (e.g., Rorschach)
Ethics in testing
Grading Sheet for Controversy Paper (25 points)
____ Introduction (5)
___ Describe the controversy (3)
___ Explain why you chose this topic/how it is relevant to you (for example, to
your career goals) (2)
___ Perspectives & Supporting arguments (10)
Summarize the key perspectives and arguments in support of each side.
___ Perspective 1 (5)
___ Perspective 2 (5)
___ Personal opinion (2)
___ Explain your personal opinion about this issue (2)
___ Recommendations (5)
___ Describe your recommendations for how professionals should deal with this
controversy in the real world (5)
****Overall writing quality and organization (3)
___ Organization (1)
___ Comprehensibility (1)
___ Comprehensiveness (1)
_____ [25] Total [Deduct 4 points off for each day late]

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