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Introduction: A process paper tells you how something happens; a cause and effect paper analyzes why something happens. Cause and Effect, like a narrative, links…

A process paper tells you how something happens; a cause and effect paper analyzes
why something happens. Cause and Effect, like a narrative, links situations and events
together in time, with causes preceding effects. A cause and effect essay not only tells
why something happens or is happening but also predicts what probably will happen.
The ending of your essay will be a proposal in which you bring your solution to the
problem and persuade the reader to do something.
How we will be using for this assignment?
Throughout the readings and class discussions, we will work to fully understand the
three writer’s point of view. We can start with the following questions:
• What are the aspects of a human being’s life that could force a person to act? or
could change them in any way? or could change the world?
• What are the sequence of events leading up to the outcome? (narrative and
descriptive writing)
• How do the causes change the reader? the situation?
• Are they positive or negative changes?
• What will the readers do in the future?
• What can we do as a country in the future to save our world for our children?
Critical Engagement Piece—Optional
You will use the Critical Engagement Piece to place your quotes, thoughts and
examples about this topic in conversation with the three (3) writers discussed in class.
Writing Assignment
You will write your own, original paper in which you will explore the concept of cause
and effect for your topic. You will end your paper with a call to action in which you will
discuss your proposal and (using Pathos) cause the reader to act.
Structure of Essay:
Introduction: In the introduction, you name your problem. You include various solutions
that have been tried and then the research that you did for your proposal of a solution.
You will include a Literature Review as you need Ethos with the writer’s name, title,
quote and gist.
Statement of Purpose—What do you want the reader to do to begin to fix your
The Body: The problem is described and discussed. Then you must go through the
steps that cause the effect or the problem that you have chosen. If the problem is not
fixed, then it becomes a cause and then what is the effect?
Then you will discuss any solutions that have been tried. Were they successful? Why
did they fail? Are any of the solutions any good?
Then your solution—described and explained as a cause and effect—why will your idea
Conclusion: Now sum up your paper—problem/ cause and effect=another effect/ your
solution / call the reader to action.
Your paper will probably be between 750-1000 words (approximately 3-4 pages)
Include the voices (quotations) of at least two (2-3) others in your paper
Use informal citation (signal phrases) within your paper
MLA Works Cited page should be the last page of your paper
Name, course number, essay number and date in the top left-hand corner of the
first page of the essay
Double-spaced; 12pt, academically acceptable font (Times New Roman always
Title that communicates the meaning of your essay in a phrase

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