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Description of Assignment This coursework assignment requires you to respond to a request for advice, based upon a potential simulated project and to do so…

of Assignment

coursework assignment requires you to respond to a request for advice, based
upon a potential simulated project and to do so within the context of a given
commercial scenario. You must present your analysis and advice in the form of
an advisory report to Kier. The scenario, and supporting information and
guidance are detailed in Appendix 1.


This assessment is linked to the following learning

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of
contractual liabilities and relationships relevant to various standard forms of

Critically evaluate standard forms of
contract, and review the administration provisions relating to time, cost and
quality, during residential and large projects

Demonstrate the ability to solve problems
relating to decisions of legal forms of contract relevant to time, cost and
quality issues, and preparing and substantiating loss and expense claims


Please see Appendix 1 below for details of how the marks will be
allocated for the task.

Submission of your Assignment

Online Submission

You need to submit your assignment electronically via the module blackboard site by the date and time specified on Blackboard. You last submission attempt will be the attempt that is markedFile names should use only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores, and should be less than 72 characters in lengthDo not password protect your file(s).Please ensure your file is smaller than 250MB or you will be unable to submit it to Blackboard.It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is successfully submitted. Always check your email receipt and the submission point again following each submission. More guidance on online submission can be found in the module site If you have a learning contract which recommends the use of stickers for your work please make sure that you type the wording of the sticker at the top of your assignment – preferably in red so that it is visible as possible for markers.Back-up and keep a copy of your work.


On this course, Turnitin is available as a facility for you to check your
work for referencing accuracy prior to your final submission.  You can find this in the ‘Drafting your work’
folder on Blackboard.  We also require
you to upload your final submission to Turnitin as an aid to academic judgment
of your work.  We will provide a separate
Turnitin upload facility next t your final Blackboard submission point for this
purpose.  If tutors have any concerns
about the originality of your work then you will be notified.

Return of your mark

will be returned online using the marking grid attached and a feedforward

Appendix 1 – Details of your Assessment

As your role of Project Manager, working
on behalf of the Client, you are to produce an advisory report on the facts
presented to you within the scenario below (Appendix A). 

Based on the project details
provided in section one and two, you are to analyse the contractual provisions
stated within the JCT Standard Building Contract, With Quantities, 2016 (SBC/Q)
to respond to each issue raised in section three. (See Module Blackboard site
for a copy of the contract).

The professional report (4,000
words) should include the following sections:

Project / Client Profile (10%)Review of the Pre-contract Meeting (30%)Critical analysis of the contractual issues
raised on site (50%)Presentation of the report (cover page,
contents, main report, appendices, referencing) (10%)

Section one (10%)

Prepare a Project / Client Profile based on a
site you are / have worked on stating the following:Project Structure (contractual relationships),Description of works, and Roles and responsibilities of the parties under
the contract (JCT SBC/Q 2016)

Section two (30%)

Review the Pre-Contract Meeting carried out with
the Contractor based on the project highlighted above

Provide details of the issues
raised during the pre-contract meeting, specifically those relating to the
contract whilst linking them to your project in section one. 

(Examples should include, but not be limited to the start date, key
dates, completion dates, liquidated damages, insurance and payment provisions,
design responsibility and the approval process, daywork rates, and retention.)

Briefly discuss the contract
details raised above and provide reasons behind the contractual decisions made,
linking them to the project chosen.

Sections one and two should
form the basis of your discussions within section three of the report.

Section three

This section of your report
should follow the format below:

each issue raised in appendix A, critically
analyse the views of both parties, and provide
a suitable response based on the contractual procedures stated in the contract.

Clearly state any assumptions you
have made in carrying out the analysis of the issues raised on site and link
them to any personal experiences you may have had on other projects which may help
substantiate the decision-making process.

Appendix A

The scenario

After a delayed start caused by the Client handing over of
the site to the contractor the project gets underway.  During the first month of the project the Contractor
encounters problematic ground conditions. 
This impacts on the design of the foundations to be located within this
area of the site, and amendments to the drawings were necessary.   

Progress on site began well, as the Contractor carried out
work in accordance with the programme. 
However, during the progress meeting in month 4, concerns were raised
that the Contractors work had slowed down. It was also noted that the Site
Manager had not attended the previous two site meetings and therefore unable to
provide an explanation. 

Within valuation number 2 the Contractor includes a cost for
interest due to late payments made by the Client of £2,000.  The Client explains this was due to an error
made within their accounting department.

Materials owned by the Contractor had been damaged due to a rainstorm
during month 5 whilst being stored on site. 
The cost of replacing the materials were included within the valuation
for payment in month 6.

The Contractor was required to carry out repair work to the existing
road, which had been damaged during the rainstorm.  The additional work was valued using a
daywork account and included within the next valuation.

A discussion during a site walk round to change the layout of
the rooms by incorporating additional internal walls was considered. The cost
of the variation appears within the next valuation.  During the same visit, it was raised that the
site is becoming increasingly cluttered with disposed packaging. The Clients PM
also raises concerns over the quality of brickwork, and the internal paintwork.
The Contract Administrator issues a notice for these works to be rectified.

As the external works section of the contract progresses it
is rumoured that a sub-contractor has attempted to remove the external benches
stating they had not received payment for these items.

At the end of the project the Contractor raises concerns that
the anticipated completion date may be delayed due to client changes affecting
their progress on site, along with the rainstorm during the project.  The Contractor claims for loss and expense and
requests an extension of time for these issues.

The brickwork and paintwork remain at a sub-standard quality
level, as it appears that the works have not been rectified.
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