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Article Critiques For this assignment, you will read, understand, and critique qualitative methods research in education to prepare you to “distinguish among competing claims for…

Article Critiques

For this
assignment, you will read, understand, and critique qualitative methods
research in education to prepare you to “distinguish among competing claims for
truth” and to develop the ability to think autonomously so that you may critically
evaluate research ideas, arguments, and points of view (Theal, 2018). This
journal article critique assignment will enhance your ability to critically
read and analyze published research. You will select an article from a refereed
or scholarly journal, identify the major components of the article, and assess
whether or not the authors have clearly described and supported each element.

A break-down of
the basics:

Sources: you will research and choose 1
qualitative (Module 2) exemplary literacy research article. Due
Dates: Qualitative
Exemplary Article Critique – Module 2Length: critiques will need to be between 6-8
pages – or about 2000 words – each,
not including references or title pagesRequirements: You have 2 tasks to complete for each of
the 3 article critiques“Criteria for the Evaluation of Education
Research” check sheet –
you will need to access this excel spreadsheet template through our blackboard
site. You will use the criteria listed on the spreadsheet to rank the sections
of your focus article. Remember, this is a template. That means, you will
insert the appropriate ranking for each section and it will tabulate the
overall ranking for you. Your focus article MUST rank in the 3.5-5 range to be
eligible for this assignment. IF an article ranking is below 3.5, you must
select a different article to critique. It is my suggestion that you have
several possible articles identified so that you have additional choices if
your first choice is ranked too low. Written article critiques – you will need to provide thoughtful,
succinct critiques that address ALL of the 16 questions found in the assignment
information. Citations: You are required to use APA 6th
ed. style guidelinesRubric: Check the rubric to be sure you’ve met
and fully addressed each categoryValue: The full value of each critique is 50

Contained in the
information about this assignment are helpful tools, resources, and the 16
questions that must be answered in each critique. For more information on the
structure of each article critique, please click on the assignment which can be
accessed from the left side of our course home page underneath “Modules”.

The rubric for
this assignment is complicated, so let’s spend a few minutes talking about it.
It would probably be most helpful for you to pause this video and pull up the
rubric so you can access it as we go along. I’ll wait a few seconds.

section: Address how you
demonstrate your understanding of theoretical and evidence-based foundations of
reading and writing processes and instruction within each article critique,
overall. This means, I’ll be looking for how well you describe cognitive,
linguistic, motivational, and sociocultural foundations of reading and writing
development, processes, and components, as well as showing evidence of this
knowledge in your writing through critical evaluation of ideas, arguments, and
points of view and arguing for or against the plausibility of each article. 2nd
section: Addresses how
well you demonstrate professional learning and leadership within the assignment
overall. For this one, I’ll be looking at “foundational knowledge of adult
learning theories and related research about organizational change,
professional development, and school culture.” I will be looking for how well
you show your knowledge of the theories and research you have read about, how
well you use academic/professional language, and evidence of how each source
adds to your professional knowledge about literacy research.3rd
section: Critique
section evaluated and ranked on the “Criteria Checksheet” template, the
sections average in the 3.5-5 range, and the template is filled out, saved as a
pdf, and submitted with the written critique. Written
critiques met the length requirement and appropriately addressed all 16
criteria listed on the assignment guidelines.4th
section: Quality of
WritingOrganization: which means the paper is well organized, is written as
an essay – not a list, and includes the name and author of the article in the
beginning of the essaySummary of Article Key Points: article is clearly summarized and only the
key points are mentioned. The summary takes up NO MORE than 1/3 of the essayCritique of the Article AND Critique of the
Importance/Relevance of the article: strengths and weaknesses of the article are discussed
and take up a majority of the essay. Also, must include the relevance of the
article/issue to the literacy field. APA 6th ed. style guideline: which means, your work demonstrates you are
familiar with APA 6th and have abided by the guidelines
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