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Part A 1. How can you build an environment of trust with a team, to keep them working together towards achieving the team goals? The…

Part A

1. How can you build an environment of
trust with a team, to keep them

working together towards achieving the team

The first step to building an environment
of trust would be establishing rapport with the team, find something that you
have in common, be understanding and empathetic and appear interested in what
they are saying. Being aware of body language is important, using mirroring
techniques can also be great for establishing rapport. Being respectful of
cultural and religious beliefs and differences between team members is very

Using team building activities will help
team members work together towards achieving the common goal. Activities such

2. How can you assess group behaviour and
use strategies to guide the team?

Why is it important to resolve issues
brought to your team?

Some great ways to assess group behaviour
would be by completing KPI’s, self assessments, questionaries, performance
reviews and annual meetings. Using this collected data can be very beneficial.
To guide the team properly, referring employees to the company code of conduct
is a good way to remind staff of company policies and procedures, as well as
the operational code of conduct.

3. How can you come to group agreements in
the team?

Coming to group agreements is very
important in the workplace, it is attainable 
as long as opportunities are givenk/;l… to team members. Group meetings
give employees a chance to discuss things in a group setting. Suggestion boxes
are a great way to get team members feedback and ideas without putting anyone
on the spot or making anyone uncomfortable. Brainstorming sessions are a great
way to bring anyone together who wants to bounce ideas around with a group and
build on them together. It is a great creative process to come up with new
ideas or agree on decisions.

Part B

1. How can the team understand their roles
and have support to reach their


2. Why is it important all members of the
team help with decision making and

taking responsibility for their role?

3. How can positive and negative behaviour
be addressed in the group?

4. Why is important to be a role model for
the team?

5. How can the stakeholders be communicated

6. How can you pass accurate information
between the team and management

and vice versa?

7. Why is it important that problems raised by

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