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Diabetes Level 6 Coursework 2 Case Study This assignment constitutes 60% of your overall module mark. A minimum mark of 40% in each assignment is…

Diabetes Level 6 Coursework 2
Case Study
This assignment constitutes 60% of your overall module mark.
A minimum mark of 40% in each assignment is required to pass the module.
Assignment Brief:
Introduction (250 words approx.)
A short introduction to the work which should discuss the principles behind the
importance of managing diabetes and reducing the risk of complications. You
should include a brief outline of what the sections in the assignment will cover.
Main body (2500 words approx.)
Shelley (the same patient as in coursework 1) is now well controlled with an
HbA1c of 50mmol/mol. Her albumin creatinine ratio is 0.9. She is an ex-smoker
and drinks 20-30 units of alcohol per week and works very long hours preparing
her cases for court and representing clients. She lives alone and relies on
restaurants, takeaways and supermarket meal deals to eat. She says she has no
time to exercise. Her current BMI is 29.1kg/m2. Her average day time BP
reading, from a recent ambulatory BP trace, is 143/87 mm Hg. Her total
cholesterol is 4.8mmol/L and her HDL cholesterol is 1.1mmol/L. Shelley’s father
had diabetes and died of a myocardial infarction aged 57. This worries Shelley.
Her QRisk score is 15%.
You now need to address the other aspects of diabetes management, with a
particular focus on reducing her cardiovascular risk. Through careful evaluation
and analysis of current evidence, and taking a patient-centred approach, discuss
V0119 2
the lifestyle and pharmacological interventions that should be implemented in
order to reduce Shelley’s cardiovascular risk.
Evaluation and Conclusion: (250 words approx.)
You will need to complete the work by writing a short conclusion which
summarises the key issues raised in the 3 sections, linking them together to form a
rounded conclusion to the work. You should not bring any new information in to
the conclusion.
At all times confidentiality must be maintained. It must not be possible to identify
you, your workplace or your patient from your assignment.
Remember to state that patient and organisational anonymity is ensured.
It is important that your own name does not appear anywhere. To identify your
work use your student number, which can be found on your my details page of
iLearn, and initials only.
Structure, presentation and writing style:
In accordance with the Education for Health Student Guide your work should be
presented in Arial – font size 12, double spaced and include page numbers.
Write objectively in the 3rd person with no use of “I” or “My” or “The author”.
Do not use headings or bullets points. Please use paragraphs to structure your
essay so that it follows a logical flow.
Coversheet: Your work must include a coversheet. The requirements for this can
be found in the assessment section of your module learning materials.
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