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– Case study In this assignment, you will focus on ONE patient relevant to your clinical practice and provide the details of their patient journey…

– Case study
In this assignment, you will focus on ONE patient relevant to your clinical practice and
provide the details of their patient journey and the clinical response (management). The case
study you chose for this assignment will also be used for assignment 3. I suggest that
you select a topic that is of interest to you and of benefit to your clinical practice and
professional careers. Please focus on ONE patient who in your professional expertise
could have different and improved outcomes had their care been delivered differently.
The patient you chose to use as a case study must be specifically related to your area
of practice.
The purpose of this assessment is for you to develop and demonstrate your ability
to analyse a case/scenario of a patient (and/or their family carers) where a
symptom/clusters of symptoms has not been optimised, and to propose nursing
interventions to improve the symptom(s) management.
Within your practise you will have encountered patients who do not follow the
expected pathway of recovery. Sometimes this is due to their past medical history
or comorbidities. However sometimes patients receive care which is not optimal
to ameliorate theirsymptoms and can lead to adverse outcomes. This assessment
will provide you with an opportunity to identify a patient (and/or their family
carers) who in your opinion, as a critically thinking healthcare provider, you
consider has not received best evidence-based symptom(s) management. You
will provide a case study of this patient’s (and/or their family carers) journey and
critically discuss the inadequacies of symptom(s) management that were
provided (or omitted), and then alternative symptom(s) management to improve
their outcomes.
Your assignment should address the following points:

Identify and introduce the patient from your practice including
demographics, diagnosis/illness, the past medical and social history,
the patient’s symptom(s) in relation to their diseaseIdentify and analyse the scenario/situation where your patient (and/or
family carers) did not receive optimal nursing care for their symptoms.
Your analysis may include, but not limited to; a) the antecedents,
consequences, and outcomes on the patient (and/or family carers), b)
the sub-optimal symptom management compared to the best
evidence-based symptom(s) managementDevelop, as an advanced practice clinician, alternative
nursing/midwifery/healthcare interventions and provide rationales for
the improved symptom(s) management and outcomes supported by
evidence of best practice from literatureDiscuss potential barriers and facilitators to implement alternative
nursing interventions developed aboveProvide a summary of the analysis, alternative
nursing/midwifery/healthcare interventions and expected outcomes
for the patient.
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