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The following is a suggestion of the layout/ how you may wish to approach your Dissertation. Please discuss this with your supervisor for guidance on…

The following is a suggestion of the layout/ how
you may wish to approach your Dissertation. Please discuss this with your
supervisor for guidance on your chosen topic question. You may use subheadings.

AT the end of each Chapter provide a summary of
what that Chapter has found for the reader, provide a signpost as to what the
following chapter will be exploring…….

Abstract – This is an overview of the
whole dissertation.

Chapter 1  -Background/

Introduction – State the topic choice or question.

Rationale – What is the reason for your choice
of topic, not your personal reason of interest your professional reason – why
this topic? Why now? What is current/ relevance to adult Nursing? This could be
based on one of the Advanced Practitioner pillars which are:

Clinical practiceLeadership and managementEducationResearch.

Statistics – Why this topic what impact does it
have on mortality or morbidity rates? Is there statistics to support this i.e.
health data. How prevalent is the condition for example, is the topic a key
driver for the nursing profession.

Key Terminology – Define key terminology or
definitions – this helps set the scene for your reader.

Policy/ Professional Drivers –
Are there any key policy driving this topic/ question aspect of Adult Nursing
practice? e.g. Department of Health Policy, Professional Standards e.g. NMC,
RCN, National Patient Safety, NICE guidelines.

Chapter 2 – Literature search strategy

Strategy – Define
your search strategy – include your selection criteria, how did you find the
literature, what key words did you use/ PIO Structure, what databases did you
use and why?  How did you refine the
number of results?  What literature did
you exclude and why?  Do not exclude
quantitative or qualitative studies which are relevant to your topic, just
because you do not like that research approach.

Strategy table –
Include as a table (this is excluded from your word count).

3  – Literature Review

NB – You are
not undertaking “live” (primary) research, you are gathering any data from
staff, patients or students, as you do not have ethical permission to do this.
The dissertation uses published academic/ professional literature. Remember
your Dissertation Question – you need to answer this?

may structure this section into Key Themes emerging from your reviewed lit
(these can be subheadings within this Chapter). 
When reviewing the literature, you need to consider the quality of the
literature, consider some of the methodological issues/ concerns/ quality of
the reviewed literature. Use peer reviewed literature- you may find both
quantitative and qualitative studies on your chosen topic question. Identify
any gaps in the Literature, methodology. 
CASP tools/ frameworks for critiquing the chosen lit- you need to use
use a framework to help you? CASP Tool is an example. You do not have to
include completed CASP tools or use the full framework for each piece of
literature reviewed.

Chapter 4

on the previous Chapter what key recommendations are emerging from the themes
you have identified?  Why are these
important in terms of the recommendations. What do the studies recommend?

Chapter 5 –
Implications for Adult Nursing

From the previous Chapters above consider the
implications (impact) for Nursing practice, this may include the implications
for patients, carers, staff, resources, legal and professional requirements for
Adult Nursing Practice.

Chapter 6 – Conclusion

A Summary of what the Dissertation has found? What
is its contribution to Adult Nursing Practice? Remember your Dissertation
Question – What has been discovered from the presented Chapters?

Reference List

Use peer reviewed literature, professional
literature, discussion papers, Quantitative and Qualitative studies to support
your dissertation.

NB –
Do not place any information as an Appendices, you need to discuss important
points within the main body of your work/ Chapters.
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