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Assignment Brief This assignment offers you the opportunity to demonstrate how you will use evidence for patient care and determine the impact your action has…

Assignment Brief

This assignment offers you the opportunity to demonstrate how you will use evidence for patient care and determine the impact your action has upon the delivery of your care.

This assignment demands of you that you use all the knowledge and skills you have developed in the course so far as well as learning in this particular module.  More information can be found in appendix 2.

The assignment is in the form of a 4000 word (+ or – 10%) in-depth critical appraisal of a selected research paper which you will then go on and discuss in terms of relevance and impact to the delivery of care.  The marking criteria clearly show where the marks are distributed across the learning outcomes.

The submission date for this assignment will be found in your online assessment schedule

If the date of this submission changes   an announcement will be made on the Black Board site and you will be informed via email. Additionally, the date will be changed within the assessment tab of the Black Board site. 

Submission, Presentation and Feedback Details

Presentation of your work

Your work must be word processed and printed in black ink.  Use a clear, size 12 font such as Arial or Times New Roman.  Double-space the text except for quotations over two lines long, which should be indented and single-spaced.  The reference list and appendix can be single-spaced.  Pages should be clearly numbered.   

Front page

Your assignment should have a front sheet which contains the information given in Appendix 1.

Word limit

The word limit for the assignment is 4,000 words (+/- 10%). The reference list and appendices (not marked) are not included in the word limit.  However, the search table, appraisal grid/tool, subheadings and references appearing in the main body of your assignment (author’s name and date – even if it is in brackets) do count towards it.  You need to state the exact number of words used on the front page of your assignment and please be aware that lecturers might check if they think you have gone over the 4,000 word (+/- 10%) limit.  If your work exceeds the word limit by more than10%, the mark awarded will be reduced by 10% (10 marks).


You must accurately reference all sources used in your assignment (as a citation in the main assignment and a full reference in the reference list at the end of your work) using the APA referencing system. 


All quotations must be acknowledged including the page number.  If you are quoting only a few words or one sentence, it will be sufficient to indicate this by using inverted commas in the text, with the source, including the page number(s) in brackets.  If words are missed out of the quotation, indicate by three full stops.  If the quotation is longer, indent it and use single spacing.


You must maintain anonymity and confidentiality when referring to other individuals or organisations.  

Appendix 2

Writing the assignment.

The information below is for guidance only and is offered to help you structure your work to meet the learning outcomes.

This assignment builds upon your previous evidence assignment in Level 5 and the content of the online material and workshops in this module.

As with all your previous assignments, you will be marked on the presentation of your work, so this should be to a high standard.

You are required to clearly identify your topic of choice and the search strategy you used to select the primary research peer reviewed published article that you are going to appraise.  For your search strategy process you might want to use a framework such as:

Database nameSearch terms/ key wordsdatabase headingssearch limitsresultsDecisions made                                    

You will provide a step-by-step critical discussion of how you searched the literature and include this commentary in your word count to provide evidence that you have addressed learning outcome 1. The search table is included in your appendix and if you include it in the main body of the work it will go towards your word count.

Once you have selected the article for appraisal you need to use a known tool to carry out the appraisal particularly concentrating upon the research methods, findings and ethical issues, more information is available on the module Black Board site. The critical appraisal grid is included in your appendix and if you include it in the main body of the work it will go towards your word count.

The NHS Constitution (Department of Health, 2013) and the NHS England Five Year Forward View (NHS England, 2014) have both the patient / service user at the centre of all that we do in healthcare in NHS England.  The main outcome for the assignment is for you to demonstrate how the evidence you have identified from your appraisal and other relevant sources will impact upon your patient care.

In your conclusion you should propose recommendations for nursing practice based upon your findings.

Reference List

Department of Health (2013) The NHS Constitution:  The NHS belongs to us all.  Crown publication.

NHS England (2014) Five Year Forward View.  NHS England
The post Assessment for Evaluating Evidence for Practice

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