[Solution]Analysis of Fatigue Risk Management Systems on air traffic controllers

SECTION A PROJECT DESCRIPTON  Please answer the following questions: Do you intend to involve human participants in the conduct of your research? If no, please…



Please answer the following questions:

Do you intend to involve human participants in the conduct of your research? If no, please skip questions 1a & 1b.

X☐ Yes                 ☐No

1a. Does your research involve vulnerable adults (who are or may be for any reason unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation) or under-18s?

☐ Yes                  X☐No

1b. Could your research potentially expose you, anyone assisting you, or participants to physical, psychological and/or emotional harm? (see Section B, Question 9)

☐ Yes                  X☐No

Will your research involve travelling to geo-politically unstable regions/countries (e.g. areas affected by war, civil unrest, natural disasters, or listed as unadvisable to travel by the UK government)?

☐ Yes                  X☐No

Will your research involve access to security-sensitive material? (see the University’s Research Ethics Code of Practice 2018 for a definition of security-sensitive materials and Section B, Question 9 of this form)

☐ Yes                  X☐No

This proposal must be completed with the assistance of your supervisor/module leader/tutor. You can change the size of the boxes (below) by typing or deleting as necessary. 

It is very important to convey with clarity:

Your research questions/the problem/the theme or topic you are investigating (what you are proposing to do and to find out or to create)The methodology or technical approach (for projects comprising in whole or in part the creation of an artefact) you will adopt – methods, number of participants, who the participants (if any) will be, survey instruments used, technology and equipment employed etc.; and what questions you are planning to ask your respondents (if applicable); how you will deal with technical challenges.


Only complete if you answered YES to Q1 in Section A.

 WHERE APPROPRIATE TO YOUR CHOSEN TOPIC/RESEARCH:YESNON/A  1Will you describe in writing the main procedures to participants in advance, so that they are informed about what to expect? A copy of this must be attached to this applicationX    2Will you tell participants that their participation is voluntary?X    3Will you obtain written consent for participation and include within this that they have a right to withdraw at any point? A copy of this must be attached to this application  X  4If the research is observational, will you ask participants for their consent to being observed?  X  5With questionnaires, will you give participants the option of omitting questions they do not want to answer? X   6Will you tell participants that their data will be treated with full confidentiality and that, if published, it will not be identifiable as theirs? This should be evidenced in the consent form and (if applicable) with a signed copy of UWL’s data management form, attached to this application.X    7Will you debrief participants at the end of their participation (i.e. give them a brief explanation of the study)? A copy of this must be attached to this applicationX    8Will your project involve deliberately misleading participants in any way? X   9If you answered YES to Question 1b (section A) give details on a separate sheet and state what you will tell your participants to do if they should experience any problems (e.g. who they can contact for help).  X10Do participants fall into any of the following vulnerable groups? If they do, please and tick box B overleaf.   Note that you may also need to obtain satisfactory DBS clearance (or equivalent for overseas students).Schoolchildren (under 18 years of age) X  People with learning or communication difficulties X  Patients X  People in custody X  People engaged in illegal activities (e.g. drug-taking) X  Any other groups who could be reasonably argued as representing any form of vulnerability – please specify   X  


 WHERE APPROPRIATE TO YOUR CHOSEN TOPIC/RESEARCH:YESNON/A11Will you be accessing materials which may be considered security-sensitive under the Counter Terrorism Act (2015)? X 12Does your project involve work with animals? If yes, please tick box B below. X 

[Note: N/A = not applicable]

There is an obligation on the researcher to bring to the attention of the School Ethics Panel any issues with ethical implications not clearly covered by the above checklist.


Please tick

A.    I consider that this project has no significant ethical implications to be brought before the School Ethics Panel.X

B.    I consider that this project may have ethical implications that should be brought before the School Ethics Panel, and/or it will be carried out with children or other vulnerable populations. 

I have received guidance on ethical research practices relevant to my subject as part of my preparation for this module.


Name of supervisor: James Goodman

Title of project: Analysis of Fatigue Risk Management Systems on air traffic controllers

Date: 12.11.2019

Introduction to the research 

The aim is to research the effectiveness of Fatigue Risk Management Systems in air traffic control in Bulgaria/BULATSA.


The data will be collected with an online survey that will be posted in Air traffic groups in the social platform “Facebook” and will be analysed when there are more than 20 participants.

The method used for the analyse will be mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative).

Also, there might be an interview with BULATSA ATC.


The collected data will be presented using “Microsoft Excel” to show the graph/pie chart, bar chart for the collected data from the online survey. Moreover, there might be used “Likert scale analysis and Semantics.

UWL Participant Information Sheet

Project Title: Analysis of Fatigue Risk Management Systems on air traffic controllers

Thank you for your interest in participating in this research. The purpose of this sheet is to provide you with the information you need in order to decide whether to participate in this study. Before you decide to participate, please read the following information carefully. It will give you a brief overview of the research, and explain what participation means for you.

What is this research about?

This research is about:

-To identify the reasons causing tiredness in air traffic controller

-To establish the most common reason for that.  (Between all of the given ones)

-To analyse how many accidents are related to accidents caused by air traffic controllers in Bulgaria

-To evaluate what procedures there are to prevent accidents due to tiredness of the air traffic controller.

The research has received formal approval from the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC). UREC is the committee that has oversight of all ethical matters relating to research at the University. If you have any concerns about the conduct of the investigator or any other aspect of this research project, please contact xxxx.

Who can take part?

A part of this research can take any participant who has knowledge about Air Traffic Control and is interested in this topic. The benefits from this research are going to be that, there is going to be gained information and potentially it can be used as a suggestion for decreasing method of tiredness in Air traffic controllers.

What do you need to do?

There are approximately 10-15 questions to be answered in this research, which is taking around 2 and a half minutes.
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