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Introduction:   Organisations require a continuous understanding of current global issues in business. These issues and events shape, change and impact all organisations regardless of…

Introduction:  Organisations require a continuous understanding of current global issues in business. These issues and events shape, change and impact all organisations regardless of size, sector, age, span and location. Your briefing paper should demonstrate an eclectic range of perspectives drawing on previous knowledge to identify contemporary issues within the increasingly global environment in which they operate. 

Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes:  1.Critically analyse contemporary issues in the field of business, management and leadership.  2.Identify and critically evaluate the impact of contemporary issues on organisations.  4.Debate and defend personal perspectives on contemporary business management issues.

Task:  Title: The Modern World You are required to research and write a 2,000 word management briefing paper/report on a range on contemporary issues.  You are to identify a range of issues and choose one to critically analyse and evaluate the impact it has on your chosen organisation.  The briefing paper/Report should offer both a critical and balanced approach to the issue. Your report should contain your personal, justified views on how the issue could be managed.  Your audience should be the senior managers in your chosen organisation.   Your briefing paper should cover learning outcome 1, 2, & 4. 

Report Structure (Must follow)

The task: You are to identify a range of contemporary issues in business and choose one issue to critically analyse and evaluate the impact it has on your chosen organisation (Please choose a UK company). I would like enough literature  8 to 10 ,  and overall 20 references, a well academic researched and written  paper, well paragraphed, no grammar error, no rushed, plenty of  in tex citation, a mentioning of all contemporary theories and application of theories to the issue chose where applicable. Please stick to the exact word count in each section. 2000 words no more and no less. References should not make part of the word count. Free plagiarised work is a must (I will run it to my university turn it in to check).  Include graphs, statistic data where required, please make an appealing and professional report for the senior managers of the chosen organisation. Please include a table of contents. Thank you

 Search for at least TEN relevant and recent academic journal articles on the report topic

Choose a business organisation e.g. Facebook, Google, Samsung, Microsoft etc.

Provide a Title – You

1: Introduction – Do not write an executive summary– Introduction – Here you will tell us what the assignment is all about in a very constructive manner (150 words)

2: Create a section to briefly discuss range on contemporary issues in business organisations (150 words)

Talk about contemporary issues and identify 4 issues, briefly talk about them. Identify contemporary issues such as CSR, Sustainability, Corporate Governance (briefly talk about them) include in tex- citation etc.Introduce your chosen company e.g Tesco (briefly talk about the chosen company in 2 or 3 lines).Introduce the chosen issue of the chosen company you want to investigate, example: Accountability, Compliance, Governance and Sustainability

3: Literature Review– Critically analyse and evaluate the impact of ONE key contemporary issue (e.g. Tax invasion) on your chosen organisation (e.g. Google) (800 words) Review the issue generally speaking and not solely to the chosen company alone but to everybody.  When you’re looking at the literature review on that issue, look at what’s out there. Critically analyse (example CSR issue) generally based on existing literature on the issue you chose. What’s happening everywhere. In this section i would like a well research and written literature review on the issue you choose. For example an issue under CSR- theoretical framework of that issue, what other people have written, must bring in theories such as Ralph Nader ,Milton Friedman, Carroll’s Four Responsibilities of Business ( if these theories are not applied in this section please apply it where it is necessary)

4: Critical Analysis– (500 words) Here you relate the issue you discussed above to the company you have chosen. Identify and critically evaluate (positive and negative) the impacts of the chosen issue, look at the impact for example: Tesco, society and the economy.

5: Critical and balanced approach to the issue – Here, you will demonstrate constructive criticisms. For instance, clearly discuss what is right about the contemporary issue identified and equally examine what could have been done in a better way. REMEMBER THERE IS NO RIGHT or WRONG ANSWER. But your criticism must be valid as you are the judge in this case. Please support your evidences with acknowledged references. Provide relevant statistical analysis, graphs, reference. Back your arguments with reference please etc. Back your opinion with facts, data etc ((300 words)

5: Summary/Conclusion– Here, try to provide a concluding remark of the key issue you have discussed. Also, try to provide clear verdict on what works and what could be done better.(100 words)

6: References.
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