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Research an alternative energy process (a process for generating energy that does not use combustion of fossil fuels). You will be writing a report explaining…

Research an alternative energy process (a process for generating energy that does not use combustion of fossil fuels). You will be writing a report explaining the following:  The physical process of energy production, its efficiency, and how it demonstrates conservation of energy  Physical requirements/materials/infrastructure/location/etc. for this production of energy  Arguments FOR the use of this energy source  Arguments AGAINST the use of this energy source  An ethical discussion on whether YOU believe this energy source should/should not be used or to what extent it should be used using evidence to support your position. Under what conditions might this energy source become (or no longer become) viable or what might it take to change your initial opinion? The following are some guiding questions to get you started on your research. Not all of these questions are applicable to every topic nor should these questions be answered explicitly in your report but rather incorporated within your discussion.  What is the source of energy? (What are the inputs to the process?)  What is the history and development of your energy source?  What are all of the energy transformations involved in converting the source to a usable form (like electricity or heat)? Which transformations would be expected to have the greatest impact on efficiency?  What are the key variables, and how do they affect power generation? Apply equations to a real example and create graphs to show variable effects.  What is the waste produced as a result of the process? What is its typical efficiency? How is the waste dealt with?  How much of our nation’s (or world’s) power uses this technology?  What are the environmental/economical/political/social pros and cons to the process?  Is its usage expected to increase in the next 30 years? Why or why not? Format:  You may include graphics or use diagrams etc. to help communicate your information.  Report should be typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman or Arial.  Use professional language. Writing should include introduction and conclusion, be grammatically correct and smoothly transition between paragraphs  You must include a bibliography of all references/sources in MLA format at the end of the report. You may wish to use noodlebib or easybib to help with formatting. Your bibliography must contain at least three reputable sources. Potential topics:  Solar: o Passive water heater o Solar mirrors o photovoltaic cells: for cars, remote power, solar utilities o Other solar utilities not using photovoltaic  Hydroelectric power: o Dams o Tidal power  Geothermal power  Wind Power  Nuclear Fission  Nuclear Fusion  Biofuels  Trash or industrial waste  Hydrogen fuel  Others…? Current Events Project
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