The State of Titan is incredibly active in marine scientific research. It is heavily populated and sees scientific research as a good mechanism to address…

The State of Titan is incredibly active in marine scientific research. It is heavily populated and sees scientific research as a good mechanism to address issues that stem from this overpopulation. It has particular interest in specific mineral varieties that are thought to contain considerable health benefits and so could be used in many vital medications. Possessing all of these minerals would drastically improve the lives of Titanian citizens. Titan is currently involved in the following three issues: 

In March 2020, Titan requests consent from the State of Vormir to conduct marine scientific research in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on a mineral called Lapis Soul. This mineral is thought to improve general wellbeing. There is an abundance of this mineral in Vormir’s EEZ and Titan intends to test some of its properties in situ to determine how this could be harvested in the future. This means that no Lapis Soul would actually be harvested or brought to the surface during this project, which has an expected starting date of November 2020. 

Vormir refuses on the following grounds:

Titan and Vormir have never had great diplomatic relations, especially having been enemies during the Infinity War in 1960. Vormir’s current Head of State, President Redskull, particularly dislikes Titan’s Head of State, Captain Thanos.Vormir states that it has sovereign rights for the purpose of marine scientific research in its EEZ, and this means it has the exclusive right to authorise – and refuse – any expedition it wishes.Titan plans to drill several holes in Vormir’s continental shelf to install some equipment it considers vital to the project’s success. Vormir will not permit drilling for any reason.

Titan has already been granted consent by the State of Wakanda to conduct research in its EEZ on the Mens Lapis, a mineral with the potential to improve brain health, and this work has been ongoing for six months. Wakanda believes this to be extremely interesting research and requests that Titan submits a report of preliminary findings, and that a team of Wakanda’s scientists be permitted to participate in the project. Titan declines both requests as the research is currently at a crucial stage. Wakanda reacts by requiring the cessation of the research with immediate effect, and tells the Titan team to pack up their equipment and leave. 

Titan is a key member of the United Nations-led Strategic Hub for Information and Extraction of Lapis Dominion (SHIELD), as its EEZ is the sole known location of a rare mineral, Lapis Dominion. This mineral is thought to have strength-increasing capabilities and it has only been found in a 100-metre square area in Titan’s EEZ, so it is a particularly interesting mineral. SHIELD submits two separate project plans in March 2020 to carry out research in Titan’s EEZ.

SHIELD wants to research the Lapis Dominion, starting from July 2020. The project document details its plans to harvest 25 square metres of the mineral. Titan does not respond to this request.SHIELD also requests consent to carry out research on astronomical activity in Titan’s EEZ. Titan refuses this request without providing a reason.

Assuming all States are party to UNCLOS, advise Titan. Ensure you illustrate your answer with relevant UNCLOS 1982 provisions.

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