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Discussion To make is simple, social structural risk factors means you are poor and it is out of your control. That is, what external “forces” if you will, contribute to…

To make is simple, social structural risk factors means you are poor and it is out of your control. That is, what external “forces” if you will, contribute to your poverty or social class standing in general. As much as we would like to think we are 100% in control of our lives there are social structural factors we can’t see and/or control at times (e.g. COVID-19).
1) Based specifically on the video, give 3 specific examples of social structural risk factors for poverty. Then compare them with your classmates. Reference specific people in the documentary, and watch the whole documentary please.
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This documentary is around 2008/2009…this was when the real estate bubble burst so to speak. I would like to see a documentary like this based upon COVID-19

one of my class mate answer that needs to be compared to my answers is please when you compare make a new page for it or just bold the text thank you
1) The first social structural risk factor that was present in the video was divorce. Even though divorce may not seem like a factor that could affect people/families and their economic or social class standing, it can actually rip families apart and be very detrimental to people’s mental and emotional health. In the beginning of the video when we meet John he explains that at one point he worked for a bank and made 6 figures a year. But when he lost his job, and his wife filed for divorce shortly after, the stress of it all became too much for him. He ended up going back to school to become a teacher, but when it came time to trying to find work, he could not land a full time teaching position; the best he could do was substitute teach for maybe $100 a day, and even then he struggled to find those jobs.
2) The second social structural risk factor shown in the video is a personal injury accident or an unexpected death in the family. Sheila and her family suffered a major loss when her sister was shot and killed walking down the street one night on her way home. Sheila described it as the beginning of the end of the family she had ever known, and it tore her family apart. Her family had always lived in poverty for the most part, but Sheila wanted to overcome this and finally landed a good job working at a bank as a supervisor downtown. She had finally overcome the stereotypes given to those who grew up in K-Town like she did but as she describes it as the bottom falling out, the same happened for her (again)- she had fallen down the stairs at a train station in Chicago which has affected her for the rest of her life. She is medically unable to work and lives off of disability. It is many people like this who have medical conditions or certain accidents such as this that will not physically allow someone to work, and disability only goes so far.
3) The final social structural risk factor from the video is environmental factors, such as in Louisiana with the wetlands disappearing. Certain people such as Ronald rely heavily on the land for work and to make money, but when environmental factors do not allow for this, people cannot work or make money. Another thing that can affect the environment in this way is a natural disaster. In these same waters in LA back in 2010, there was the BP oil spill that wiped out more than 1/2 of the oyster fishing grounds; again, for a community that relies heavily on these waters, it hurt not only the economy but also the people. Ronald described that morale is low, and he has never seen so many people in need of help/assistance.

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