[Solution]The “Siege of Caffa” articles

To answer this question you will want to use the PowerPoints and the “Siege of Caffa” articles. Please be sure to cite. DO NOT use…

To answer this question you will want to use the PowerPoints and the “Siege of Caffa” articles. Please be sure to cite. DO NOT use arguments from outside sources. I expect this to be typed, proofed, edited, and polished. Double-space, use 12 size font, and employ regular margins (1 inch). You should be able to answer this in no more than 4 pages.
Assignment II – Elaboration

This particular assignment is NOT about the Protestant Reformation itself – that topic we will be covering later on in the semester – but about some of the many possible precursors to the Reformation.
When you are asked to look at possible connections between the rise of Genghis Khan and the changes in Europe, I am not asking for a direct connection!! The Mongol unification gave rise to a certain set of events. Those then set other events off, which in turn set off yet others until we finally have the events that I have referred to as possible precursors to the Reformation (Those things that caused people to question the Church and so on and so forth.) That is what I am asking you to discuss and explain. The events leading to the preconditions for a movement of intellectual and social revolt (so to speak.)
The articles we read should be useful since if you draw the right information from it you can describe the effects of the plague and how it affected society, to support the argument that this was a time of chaos and fear and so on a so forth…Be sure to review the lecture notes carefully when appropriate.
Please use the Chicago Manual of Style referencing style – simple guides readily available online. You may also want to use our library resources: Citations & Plagiarism.

Assignments will be graded on:
1) Quality of thesis statement which you craft in response to the question: A thesis statement as you should be aware, is a succinct statement that usually comes at the very end of your introduction and posits your argument. Basically you will be assessed on how well you explain the argument you are presenting in your paper, or in some cases how well you describe the arguments in the reading or readings you have been assigned (depending on directions in prompt)
2) Quality of supporting evidence: You will be assessed on how well you use relevant quotations and appropriate material from assigned readings, text, and lectures to support your argument; and on whether you cite that material properly. In this class we will be using what is known as the Chicago or Turabian style in order to format our citations.
3) Organization of Paper: You will be assessed on how well you organize your narrative in support of your argument. In short, does your narrative progress logically and in a way that supports your thesis/argument and leaves the reader convinced of how right you are!
4) Quality of writing. YES, quality of writing is crucial. Recall this is not a literature composition but an analytical essay. Write clearly and succinctly. Doing otherwise could result in failure!
In this class we use CML (Chicago Manual of Style) citation guide, often referred to as the Turabian style. You will find many free guides online, please use them.

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