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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. I would like for you to look…

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
I would like for you to look at another Career Assessment and Research tool, California Career Zone. You may have already used and seen this before, but I’d like for you to see it again. There are a lot of similarities in the various Career Assessments I have shown you in class. This is because they all point to the O*Net which is the governmental site on Careers and Occupations. The various assessments I have given you are all designed to point to this website for Career and Occupation information with different web platforms and design tools to make it easier for your to research and find information. The reason why I am having you explore a variety of tools is so you can bookmark these and go back to them again and again during your college and career journey. You get to choose which ones to explore and go back to when you are searching, deciding and gathering information. Please log into California Career Zone and take a look at these features:
First Time User:

Go to https://www.cacareerzone.org/
Choose Register Now! and create account

Create an easy to remember portfolio account

Complete the Career Assessments:

Choose Begin Assessment

Choose Quick Assessment and complete this section. (Save Results)
Choose Interest Profiler and complete this section. (Save Results)
Choose Skills Profiler and complete this section. (Save Results)
Choose Work Importance Profiler and complete this section. (Save Results)

Choose Start Exploring

Click on a job family and search related occupations within an area that you might enjoy!

Choose Make Money Choices

Find out how much money you will need and which occupations will pay for your needs

Other Resources:

Choose Decide in the top right-hand corner.

Use these tools to compare different options and learn what you need to pursue your goals
Job tools such as Colleges and Training and Field of Study are found here

Choose Grow in the top right-hand corner

Personal Reports are made to record your progress and to review your pervious work
Job tools such as personal reports, documentation, job tools, and budget are found here

To EXIT close the website. All of the information you have completed will be saved under your name to view profile.
Returning User:

Go to https://www.cacareerzone.org/ (Links to an external site.)
Sign in by entering username and password
View your profile and continue

Your portfolio is yours to use and refer to while in college. There are a number of other great tools you can utilize in California Career Zone. This is a great resource to research careers and colleges. Start your Career and College exploration and return to this site often.
Write a paragraph on what you learned and how this will benefit you with your career research. Remember that you can use this as one of your sources for your final career research paper. Happy researching!



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