[Solution]How have Covid-19 Isolation Policies affected People’s Mental Health?  

PLEASE READ INTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!   Don’t forget is for a MASTER program, Thank you!     MAIN TOPIC   How have covid-19 isolation policies affected…

Don’t forget is for a MASTER program, Thank you!
How have covid-19 isolation policies affected people’s mental health?
3 different research questions you might want to investigate.
A research proposal always contains the same basic parts and structure; this is one of the features of APA format—the reader always knows where to look for particular components of a paper. I am expecting something in the 3-5 page range (not counting title page, references, nor appendix). It should contain enough detail so that I (and you) know exactly what you plan to do, and can see a logical rationale behind it.
The components which should be included are as follows:

Title page (use APA Format)
Brief introduction explaining your interest in the topic area (optional)
Literature review.  This should place your topic in a larger context, and provide a rationale for why you are planning to do your particular study.  This will be much more limited than what you see in published articles; but I do not expect you to be an expert on your topic area yet!  I expect that you will draw from at least 5 professional academic sources, including at least one review article. It can be useful to think of the flow of the literature review as a funnel, moving from:

Importance of the topic in light of the larger context
Previous work done in this area, arranged from general theory & research to increasingly specific studies relevant to your research interest
Clear statement of one or more specific research questions (these should proceed logically from the foregoing)
Statement of one or more hypotheses you plan to test (quantitative research only)
Brief justification of the approach/methods you selected, including consideration of limits on your time and resources.

You can use Spickard’s 6-steps (as modified in lecture) as a resource to structure your thinking here.

Methods. This should be divided into the following sub-sections:

Participants: how many, what characteristics, how you plan to select and contact them (i.e. sampling method and access), if there will be separate groups (experimental and control) how will these be selected?
Procedures: describe in detail what you plan to do with your participants. If you are doing a survey or interview-based study, this section should include a note that the questionnaire(s) or interview questions are contained in the appendix
Ethics: describe the informed consent process (and note that the form is contained in the appendix), what steps you took to safeguard participants’ rights, privacy, provisions for debriefing (if deception used)
Analysis: A general description of how you plan to analyze your data.  If quantitative, what sorts of statistics will you use to test your hypotheses? If qualitative, how will you organize and transform your data, and which general approach will guide your analysis (ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, discourse analysis, etc.)?

References (employing standard APA format)
Appendix.  This should contain your Informed Consent Form (feel free to adapt from the one I posted for Handout #1) and either the questionnaire(s) you plan to use, a list of specific interview questions you will use, or any other documents necessary to flesh out your procedures.

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