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SPSS Lab In order to create a research report, you will need to understand basic functions within the SPSS program. This assignment requires that you…

In order to create a research report, you will need to understand basic functions within the SPSS program. This assignment requires that you use the attached dataset to conduct basic procedures in SPSS.
The data were compiled using sections of the questionnaire Religiosity and Spirituality in Romantic Relationships Questionnaire provided in the Topic 6 material.
To access SPSS, go to spss.gcu.edu. You will need to log in using your portal credentials. MAC users must download the Citrix Receiver by Citrix Systems, Inc. from the Mac Application Store. If an account name is asked for, use spss.gcu.edu then your portal credentials.
To understand the basic functionalities of SPSS, you should utilize the tutorials located at http://lc.gcumedia.com/psy380/spss-tutorials/v1.1  to complete Steps 1, 2, and 4 of the assignment. You are not limited to using these resources only as there are a number of video tutorials available online too.
To complete this assignment, use the attached dataset. These steps take you through the basic function of inputting data, learning about the central tendencies of your data, combining different measures, and testing a hypothesis using an appropriate test statistics.
Step 1: Clean your data.

Catch typos.
Input variable names and label.
Declare values for all variables (most are 7-pt Likert).
Declare appropriate missing values (if any).
Correct the levels of measurement column to fit the appropriate measurement levels.
This section can be reported with a screenshot from your computer that displays your having fixed those problems. The time and date should appear in the screen capture.

Step 2: Describe your data.

Select three variables from the dataset.
Under the following menu options: Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, then Frequencies, you will need to calculate the appropriate measures of central tendencies, which can be selected under the “Statistics” button.
Report on at least two central tendencies for each variable. Explain what each means and why each measure of central tendency is appropriate.
For reporting, you should input the relevant tables generated by SPSS. Also, in a few sentences, describe the values.

Step 3: Create a composite measure.

Using the “Transform” then “Compute Variable” you must combine two or more indicator variables into a composite measure for the dimension.
Input the variables you wish to combine into the “Numeric Expression” textbox. Place the computational function before the parenthesis with the variables inside the parenthesis. The variables must be separated by only a comma and the whole formula should be in parenthesis. For example, “mean (var1, var2, var3)” would calculate the mean value of those three scores for each participant.
In the “target variable” box, you must give this new variable a name.
To report successful completion of this test, simply copy and paste the syntax from the output window.

Step 4: Test a hypothesis.

Using the results from Step 3, you will now test a hypothesis.
For this part, you will write an alternative (HA) and null (H0) hypothesis that is from the dataset.
Using either a chi-squared, t-test, ANOVA, or Pearson’s r, you will test that hypothesis. Be sure that the test is appropriate for the categories of variables you are comparing. For the rationale behind the logic of these different inferential statistics, reference your textbook.
Copy the test statistic table from the output window into your report.
Finally, write a paragraph (100-200 words) stating why that test was appropriate for the hypothesis, whether it was significant, AND the implications (what does it mean) for your hypothesis.

This assignment will use this checklist as the scoring guide.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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