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COMP 223 Learning Lab Assignment   Topic: We know that media industry is changed a lot as a result of technological advancement. We also notice…

COMP 223
Learning Lab Assignment
We know that media industry is changed a lot as a result of technological advancement. We also notice that the governments often feel technological advancements as a challenging force. Do you think that the government regulation helps in the development of media or does it pose as a hindrance?
Word length: 500 words
Due: Submit at least 24 hours in advance of the Thursday of 5th week
Submit to: Learning Lab Instructor


About 50 words
Thesis statement
What is your thesis statement? This should be a minimum of three sentences and a maximum of six sentences. (Here’s an example: This essay is concerned with the pros and cons of the new social media platform TikTok. Does TikTok offer more pros or more cons for its users? Based on my research, I’ve come to conclude the pros of TikTok outweigh the cons. In my discussion section, will illustrate why I’ve come to this conclusion.)
Note: Thesis statement is not a separate entity on its own but is part of the introduction.

Body part

What will be the sub-topics??
Subtopic A –
Subtopic B –
Subtopic C –
Please note that these subtopics are the main ideas which need to be supported by evidences and sources and examples with in text citations.


Pls note: your essay will require a discussion section before the conclusion.



References (As per APA 7th edition): At least 3 references (and of course -in text citations)

Identify three research sources you intend you use in your essay:
RUBRIC for assignment:  /100
All sections completed satisfactorily    /80
Grammar, punctuation, makes sense.   /20
About Learning Lab Assignments:
As part of their workload for this course, students will be allocated 2-3 writing assignments which will be included in their final grade for the course. Each assignment will vary in length as stipulated by the instructor.  Typically, they range from 500 – 1,000 words in length.
While completing their assignments, students are required to consult with VPC’s Learning Lab Instructors who will assist them in drafting their papers. It is expected that students will spend at least 10 hours working on these assignments in the Learning Resource Center. Tutoring times may be scheduled online in advance with the various Learning Resource Center instructors. Learning Lab Instructors will provide assistance to groups of 5-10 students per tutoring session and are available to provide assistance by providing feedback with respect to planning and organizing written assignments, researching topics, grammar, composition, style and APA citation. While students must select the topic of their assigned paper, all topics must be approved by the instructor prior to beginning the assignment’s various planning, organizing and researching related activities.
Since November 2019, Corona Virus (Covid-19) has spread over 188 countries by June 2020.  It has affected all business activities and social life as well. Describe and explain the implications of Covid-19 on publicly traded stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Your assignment must be a minimum of 500 words using the APA citation style.

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