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Statement of Work   Overview: This project will oversee the design and creation of the database to track and store information about passing/failing students in…

Statement of Work
This project will oversee the design and creation of the database to track and store information about passing/failing students in four years of medical school in each subject. It will serve as the data store that enables schools to browse the information to see the process of students in each subject: Anatomy/Embryo, Histology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Social Science. In addition, this database helps the schools see if any challenges at each subject cause the students not to reach the passing score and create a new pathway to increasing the number of students passing the subjects.
Executive Summary:
The database will create full picture of how students perform in each subject and how the knowledge is delivered to the students. The database will also help the professors/school see where the student stands in the subject that there may be something that they can help or change to increase the number of students successful in the subject. Students will be able to use unlimited many different sources to study, unlimited sources for Question banks. The database should be designed to allow for the easy addition of new search criteria and maintain the school to improve the number of students passing the subject. From the database, professors/schools will be a better picture of the challenges that students might face that affect the performances.
Project Scope:
This database system is designed to store performance information of students in each subject of medical school. This creation can show the complete picture of if anything might affect the performances which school can help improve or fix the problems. In scope, work will include documenting the project requirements, modeling the database in entity-relationship form. The creation of DML scripts to simulate the interaction between databases, challenges in each subject, and improve pathways.

The number of students who do not reach the passing score in each subject
The challenges that those students have during their studying
The sources they use to study(books, questions bank, lecture PowerPoint)
The pathway to help students improve their performances

Database Benefits, Goals, Expectation:
Upon completing the project, the database shall contain all the essential information( challenges) students face in each subject. In addition, this project might give ideas for students to change the way of approaching the subjects, and professors/schools to have a better way to deliver the information to the students. Deliverables include this statement of work document, an entity-relationship diagram defining the structure of the database, DDL scripts for creating the database, DML and SQL scripts that demonstrate proper usage of the database, and a final report on the project as a whole.
Project Hardware and Software Tools:

ER-Assistant, running on Mac
Microsoft Office, running on Mac
Oracle Database by using Virtual Desktop Access(VDA)
Google Chrome

After creating the ERD, I will use the Data Definition Language to create the database structure and define the information for this project. The initial database tables will include the number of pass/fail students in each subject, the challenge students face in each subject, the sources they use during studying, the recommendations from professors. I will also use the Data Manipulation Language (DML) to insert rows of information regarding the students’ information and improve their performances.

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