so what I need help with is that it’s a 20+ page paper about how to create a virus and I need a 5 min…

so what I need help with is that it’s a 20+ page paper about how to create a virus and I need a 5 min present to do with it. I have an example of how it should be done if you need more explaining.


The policy of installing applications to the phones and tables
Security measures in Windows, Unix and MacOS
Encrypting viruses
Loss of data and its restoration
The process of authentication
Data encryption algorithms
The ways of network intrusion and their detection and prevention
Its and security measures
The most prominent pandemics of cyber viruses
White hat and black hat hackers: who are they?
Phishing and scam on the Internet
Social networks and digital security
Revenge porn and blackmailing on the Internet
What is firewall and how it helps to protect the network?
Cookies, privacy, and cyber security
Identity theft on the Internet
The strategies of password
Device synchronization and protection
Terms and conditions in the software
Digital piracy and security
Laws against cyber crimes
Cyber security while downloading files
Social engineering and its importance
Software updates and patches and their importance
The most well-known closed vulnerabilities
The emergency actions after hacking
The main causes of cyber crimes
Biometrics and cyber security
Bots and cyber security
The unified user profiles, their advantages, and dangers
Database Security threats
DDOS attacks and financial loss
Malware mitigation plan
Study of Phishing, types and mitigation techniques
Comparative study of trojan and antivirus
Comparative study of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems
Cyber Security assessment
Web application Penetration Testing
Fingerprinting Tool
Practical analysis of Key loggers
Ransomware attacks
Password cracking
Data Backup Security
IoT Security

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