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Transform a personal statement to statement of purpose for English education major…. Statement is attached Acquiring knowledge and education are lifetime tasks that require ardent…

Transform a personal statement to statement of purpose for English education major…. Statement is attached
Acquiring knowledge and education are lifetime tasks that require ardent dedication and commitment. Interestingly, my family took up this challenge as an obligation and made it a tradition by producing at least one educator in each of the last three generations. My grandmother was a traditional elementary teacher who spent half of her life on campus amid her students. She was my first teacher, giving me a head start with subjects like mathematics and language, even before I could talk in complete sentences. She enabled me to analyze and understand the world of words and numbers, and I shall remain forever grateful for her immense experience and limitless patience. In my head, she remains the perfect image of an educator.
On the other hand, my mother was a part of the rising tide of reform and opening up. It was the dawn of globalization in China. As the first generation of English majors in my hometown, I was introduced to the joy of bilingual reading, television programs, and children’s cassettes. Even today, I remember my mother’s unique explanation for learning English: “I was young and anything foreign was cool back in my day, so that’s that.” When I reflect on all the incidents and decisions that led me to pursue a career as an educator, the motivation and the reason is as simple as my family and their unflinching commitment to knowledge and education.
As a business major, I felt a lack of correlation and connection between what I was learning and what I aspired to do. Furthermore, living in New York troubled me since the city life I was used to was so different in comparison. However, education and learning are lifetime tasks and this realization helped me through the most challenging days. The marketing classes armed me with skills such as the usage of Excel, Qualtrics, and PSPP for data sampling and analysis; the management classes equipped me with leadership skills, communication know-how and task planning; the finance and economy classes explained to me what this world runs on and how it runs. No knowledge is too much, and skill is needless, and they always come in handy in unexpected ways.
Everything changed when I was placed in front of the whiteboard and had 10 teenagers gazing at me. I was employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for an SAT tutoring school in my hometown, and that summer solidified my aspiration of being an educator. As a TA, I oversaw homework collection and correction, I had to facilitate vocabulary quizzes, record the grades, and call the parents for updates. The sense of accomplishment and achievement it brought me gave me confidence and energy like never before. Spiderman’s uncle’s teaching had a new interpretation: greater responsibility grants greater power.
Being a student all my life and then experiencing the opposite perspective reshaped my view of teaching and learning. It felt like everything I had learned and knew had meaning while teaching and imparting knowledge. I used my knowledge of Latin and French that I learned in high school to help the students improve their vocabularies through etymological explanations. For example, the word centipede could easily be broken down into two parts: “centi” and “pede”. “Centi” comes from centum and means a hundred in Latin; “pede” comes from pes, which means foot in Latin. Thus, centipede is literally a creature with a hundred feet. All of a sudden, words like centigrade and pedestrian make so much sense.
With my puns and stories, memorizing vocabulary was transformed from their most hated subject to their favorite. I have kept the letter the students sent me at the end of their courses. Every one of them left some words or drawings for me.  They thanked me for “making their miserable summer more bearable.” For me, their thank-you notes were more meaningful than the paycheck I received.  And that became the final piece that contributed towards my choice of being an educator as my career goal.

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