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Analytical Essay #2: The Persuasive Essay   10 Points of consideration for writing the Persuasive Essay Select your own topic.- Immigration is necessary for the…

Analytical Essay #2: The Persuasive Essay
10 Points of consideration for writing the Persuasive Essay

Select your own topic.- Immigration is necessary for the development of US Economy.
Remember that your thesis statement must be debatable, and you must take a stand for or against an action or an idea.

Use Thesis Statement Template to help you write and revise your thesis statement.
In your thesis statement, use one of the emphatic words: could(not), ought(not) to, would(not), needs, must have, or must(not).
Sample Thesis Statement: America’s current prison industrial system must be abolished because it is slavery in another form.

Use the Writing Organizer as a guide to help you organize and draft your essay clearly.
Be sure to offer a variety of appeal: logos, pathos and ethos.
Be sure to address the opposing view: either after your introduction paragraph or somewhere before your conclusion paragraph.
Remember your audience: Who is going to benefit from reading your essay?
Choose and include at least two of the types of scholarly evidence (a scholarly peer review journal article, scholarly newspaper article, or scholarly magazine article) that will support your thesis statement.

6a. Be sure to properly cite at least two direct quotes from each source. Discuss it in your own words.
6b. Other types of Evidence:
Personal experiences
Experiences or Testimonies of others
Statistic or facts: numerical data, court cases
an anecdote: a media example or a personal story
an expert (or an authority) on the topic

PLAGIARISM is a serious offense. Be sure to NOT include any evidence in your essay without giving proper credit. Acknowledge the source.
Include a Works Cited Page. Refer to the Guidelines in our course textbook
Use Transition words for argument: I propose, because, the opposition would have you believe, some may claim, consequently, an additional reason, a convincing piece of evidence, popular thought is that, I agree, since, although there are those who, we have been told.

MLA Formatting Rules:

Font Style: ONLY Times New Roman
Font Size: 12 point
1-inch margins
At least 2 pages typed
Double Spaced ONLY
Make sure your heading is on the left side of the page and it follows the order given: Your Name, Course Name (English 101), Professor’s Name (Dr. Watson) and the due date of the essay (8 May 2018).
Make sure you skip a line between the heading and the catchy title for your essay.
Make sure this catchy title is centered on the page.
Make sure the first word of each paragraph is indented.
MUST write more than 5 or 6 paragraphs!!!!
Remember that each paragraph is at least 10-12 sentences. Except for the introduction and conclusion paragraphs: 5-7 sentences.
MUST be at least 900-1,000 words in total and 2-3 full pages.
The last page of this essay should only include the Works Cited page and its information. Refer to the sample given.

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