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If you were asked to choose one of Newton’s three laws of motion, which law do you think is the most important? Explain your reasoning…

If you were asked to choose one of Newton’s three laws of motion, which law do you think is the most important? Explain your reasoning based on your daily activity. Rank the importance of each law based on your insight. Justify your reason.
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I would say the most important law in my daily activity would gear towards Newtons 1st law. I may be completely blank about this topic, but after a small amount of research and remembrance from high school, I travel during my days to and from work. Newtons 1st law is the law of inertia. This would mean my seatbelt. If I were to have an abrupt stop or accident my seatbelt is my safest bet. Although this may seem like the smallest and most preventable hazard, I would disagree. We never know what´s going to run out in front of us to have a safe stop! My body would continue to move in the same direction until that seatbelt locks up causing the law of inertia to intervene and pushing me back.
Newtons laws:

The law of inertia “motion continues to move in the same direction unless it is stopped by a force”
The law of motion/acceleration “the harder you accelerate the further the object will go”
The law of action – reaction “every action, there is  an equal and opposite reaction.”

Newtons most important would be  2nd,1st,3rd : 2 -law of motion/acceleration would be the most pertinent law in general. We must be able to “start” and without the 2nd law nothing would move. Then the 1st law which allows object to move (like a car) in the same direction until force is added. 3rd law of action-reaction because without action and reaction everything would go in the “same direction”. We would not be able to open doors or even hammer a nail without the third law.
It is hard to put these in most and least importance because they are all important and a necessary part of life.

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