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Must be one full page. At least (2) APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism. Attached are the previous assignment instruction leading to this assignment.…

Must be one full page. At least (2) APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism. Attached are the previous assignment instruction leading to this assignment. Also, attached is the answer that will you for this work.
Assignment Instructions:

Uh-oh, the Legal department and the HR department are demanding their own network.
The departments feel that their data is sensitive enough that their data should be separated from the other departments.
In addition, the Outside Sales department has gotten brand new Apple iPads for all of their users. So there needs to be a Wireless network setup so they can go online.
So, you need to build out a change order for the network to account for these two curveball requests.
Your submission should be in a Word document and should cover the following (not a complete list)

How will you separate the networks, physically or virtually?
What type of WiFi network will you setup?

What hardware will you use?
What encryption method will you use?
Will you limit the WiFi signal via physical means?

What additional hardware is needed? Software? Etc?
Remember to justify your choices

Introduction to networking
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Introduction to networking
Estimated Purchases List
Safe Stream Gigabit Broadband VPN Router TP-Link TL-R600VPN = 52.93 dollars
Switch (409.21 x 5) + TP-Link T1600G-52PS Jetstream 48-Port Gigabit Smart PoE = 2046.05) = $2,046.05
Data Rack 390mm Deep = 77.49 dollars
Cyber Power Smart App Sine wave PR1500LCD UPS – 1050W – 1500 VA – 17 Ah = 449.95 dollars
(Estimated 840ft) CE Cat6 Cable U/UTP Dca LS0H 305 Meter Box = 102.67
Total amount: 2,626.42 dollars (Internet Set up Cost, 2020).
Estimated timeline of installation
A 2,000-foot network is anticipated to take 30 to 40 hours to establish by professionals. However, as this network is projected to be 840 feet long, I’ve estimated that the setup will take over 25 hours.
Chosen Typology
The chosen typology is the star typology. In star-type networking, one central switch connects the network’s remote ends, which connect to a shared switch. This architecture is the most popular choice in terms of efficiency, survivability, and ease of troubleshooting. It is possible to reduce the amount of connection media needed for the network because each remote end does not need to be connected to every other component (Computer Network Topology, 2020). This topology has a certain level of expected survivability since it recognizes that even if a remote end of the network loses connectivity, the network as a whole will still be usable. This design has additional benefits for troubleshooting because defects may be quickly discovered at a central place.
Basic Network Configuration
Internet/network sharing and application installations are supported in the Basic Network configuration. Four independent networks, each with its switch, will be joined into a single network by a single popular switch when the network is installed. Tenant-specific firewall configurations and port assignments will be possible thanks to this feature. The single popular switch will be linked to the shared router, which will allow the workplace network to access the Internet.
Computer Network Topology – Mesh, Star, Bus, Ring, and Hybrid. (2020). https://beginnersbook.com/2019/03/computer-network-topology-mesh-starbus-ring-and-hybrid/
2020 Computer Network Installation Cost | Internet Set Up Cost. (2020) https://www.fixr.com/costs/hardwired-computer-network
Intro To Networking: Assignment 3
Plan to how to bring the network online
The devices that will be used include:
A router is an essential device in network connecting to the internet. The router functions by; Joining the network to the internet, managing the network’s traffic, and offering basic security. Three separate routers are required to connect the networks with the internet as the offices are remote.
A firewall is also required for the protection of the network from illegal access to the network. Firewall is used to evaluate all traffic, that is, incoming and outgoing.
Core Switch
A core switch is used where all departments’ servers are attached.
In this case, a separate switch is needed for each department.
Wires and connectors
Here CAT-6 cable and RJ-45 connectors are used for the connection.
Wireless Access point
We need to use a Wireless Access point to use the WI-FI facility
Basic Switch Configuration performed for each switch
· Assign a name to each switch.
· The access passwords should be set
· Set a command mode password.
· Configure the Layer 3 (network layer) address of each switch.
· Set the switch default gateway.
· Check the settings of the management LANs.
· Configure the default gateway and IP address for PC1, in each department.
· Verify the connectivity.
· Set the port speed and duplex configuration for the Fast Ethernet interface
· Now save the configuration made
· Examine the configuration file for a startup.
Connections (On each office)
Computers of each department are attached to a switch, considering that separate switches should be used for each department. All the five departments’ servers are connected to the Core Switch, a standard switch where all departments are connected. CAT -6 cable with RJ-45 connector can be used for this connection. The wireless access point gets connected to the main switch. Router is used, configured, and attached to the main switch. The firewall is then installed between the routers.

Hasan, M. M., Ahmed, E., & Hossain, M. F. (2019). Developing Network Security-Enhanced Model for an Enterprise Network.
Goni, O. (2021). Design, Deployment and Implementation of Local Area Network (LAN) at BAEC Head Quarter.

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