[Solution]7 Things You Should Know About Wikipedia 

Prepare · Review the  Week 5 Lesson . · Read the article  7 Things You Should Know About Wikipedia    Download 7 Things You Should Know About Wikipedia . · Watch…

· Review the  Week 5 Lesson .
· Read the article  7 Things You Should Know About Wikipedia    Download 7 Things You Should Know About Wikipedia .
· Watch the  5 Steps to Improve Your Critical Thinking – Samantha Agoos  (Links to an external site.)  video.
· Share one idea from the assigned video that you can use to strengthen your critical thinking skills as you search for and use information.
· Discuss two reasons why Wikipedia is not a credible source for academic purposes based on the assigned article and what you have learned in this course.
· Explain how you can use information literacy skills in your personal, professional, or academic life.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words.
Respond to Peers
Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words.
In your peer responses,
· Provide feedback or tips to help your peers strengthen their critical thinking skills.
· Discuss with your peers your thoughts about the use of Wikipedia before taking the course, and how that has been reinforced or has changed at this point in the course.
· Choose one different aspect of information literacy your peer discussed in their post that you did not discuss in yours, and share how you may apply that in your life going forward.
Post 1 from Classmate
My main takeaway was within the applying the information step of this video. By asking myself those key questions and logically analyzing the collected data I can strengthen my critical thinking skills. Asking questions like “what is the bigger picture here?” or “How are my views on this subject not allowing me to be as objective as possible?” will help deliver a better outcome. Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic purposes because anyone can add to information to wikipedia pages. The information can be full of bias and not fact based. You can even encounter scam pages with purposely false information. Although wikipedia often times has a good overview for information on their pages, it often times will point you in a direction to do your own further research.
Informational literacy is a skill you can use in every aspect of your life. As people we are constantly growing, and hopefully learning. Being able to comb through the information we come across and be able to comprehend it is invaluable. For example, something as simple as buying a new face product at target. You conduct your own research, read about the products. Figure out what is important to you that this product must have, read reviews. Learn if the products is really as ‘clean’ as they claim. Narrow down your choices then eventually go with the moisturizer you think is the best match.
Post 2 from Classmate
One thing from the video that I found interesting was Step 5: Explore other viewpoints. I feel that this step will help strengthen my critical thinking skills by having me put myself in others’ mindsets. By doing this, I’m allowing myself to comprehend the information that I learn thoroughly, so when it comes to making a decision, I know I’m picking the best possible one.
Wikipedia is not a credible source for academic purposes because there is no editor to fact check it, and anyone has access to change the information found on the site. With that being said, since anyone can add information it can be misleading and have a biased tone. Resulting in the researcher being misinformed on their desired topic.
As for this course, the skills that I’ve obtained in this class will help tremendously in my personal and academic life. I feel that I have gained a more critical mindset throughout this class, asking questions and looking for things to help assess the credibility of a source. For work, I have to look into different cases. So by using the skills that I have learned here, I will ensure that any claim I pursue has a reliable source.

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