Chapter 15: Baroque Note: Know that the art/architecture presented here is baroque in style. You don’t have to memorize the names of the paintings/sculptures. For…

Chapter 15: Baroque
Note: Know that the art/architecture presented here is baroque in style. You don’t have to memorize the names of the paintings/sculptures. For the music links provided, listen to them, you will hear music in the exam, but you will not see any information.
1) Name some characteristics of the Baroque style
2) What is the Counter-Reformation?
3) During the counter-reformation, church sponsored art in Rome thrived. What are some goals (3) of religious art sponsored by the church during this time?
4) What are some consequences/effects of the Thirty Years War ? include also the results of the Peace of Westphalia (which concluded the war)
5) What is the name and location of this building?
Note: The reconstruction of this building started in the renaissance era and continued during the baroque, so since there are renaissance and baroque style characteristics present here, do not label this building as one or the other.

6) Who created the Ecstasy of St. Theresa?

7) Who painted the Calling of St. Matthew? Know that there is a technique used here called tenebrism. Define the technique below.

8) What is the genre (type of painting: portrait, landscape, still life, other?) of the following painting? Who is the artist?

9) Who created this ceiling fresco? Know this is an example of quadratura; what are the characteristics of that illusionistic technique?

10) What is an opera?
11) Know who is the composer of Orfeo (the first notable work in the genre), and know the musical genre is “opera” (Note: this example is a recitative, but these works are much longer)
Tu Sei Morta (spanish subtitles)
Tu Sei Morta (English subtitles)- more modern setting
Note: In an exam, you would not see the video. You will just hear the audio. However, I wanted you to be able to understand what they are singing. The one with the Spanish subtitles is a more traditional performance; that’s why I decided to add it as well.
12) What is a concerto grosso?
13) Who is the composer of the Four Seasons? Know the genre of music is concerto and the style of music baroque.
Spring from the Four Seasons (1st of 3 movements) (listen)
14) Who was Amsterdam’s most important painter who took Caravaggio’s baroque lighting to new heights?
15) Who painted The Night Watch?

16) Who composed the Young Woman with a Water Pitcher? What was the artist’s specialty?

17) Who composed Marie de’Medici, Queen of France, Landing in Marseilles? Also what are 2 general characteristics of the Baroque style present here?

18) What is the genre of this painting, titled John Wilkins DD, and who was the painter?

19) Who painted the Maids of Honor or Las Meninas?

20) Which painter represents the classicizing and restrained tendency within the usually dramatic Baroque?
21) Who painted the Rape of the Sabine Women ?

22) What is the name and location of this building which was once a royal palace and today a famous museum?

23) What is the name and location of this cathedral?

24) What is an oratorio?
25) Who is the composer, and what is the musical genre (Opera? Oratorio?) of the Hallelujah chorus from the Messiah? (click link to listen)

26) Who was the grand master of the baroque style and musical art forms of his age?
27) Who composed Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major?
(8) Yo-Yo Ma – Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude (Official Video) – YouTube
28) Who was the lens maker who transformed the magnifying glasses and became the first person to see protozoa and bacteria and the first to describe blood cells?
29)Who was the first person to develop the telescope and used it to observe the heavens?
30) Which scientist’s astronomical findings confirmed Copernicus’s theory that the earth circled the sun?
31) Who is called the Father of Modern Philosophy?
32) Name two philosophical thinkers with diverse but influential philosophies about government
33) What did the baroque writers explored with their work?
34) What is an innovation in 17th-century drama? (related to female actresses)
35) Who was the first major poet in American Literature?
36) Define picaresque
37) Who wrote the famous picaresque novel, also considered to be the first modern western novel, Don Quixote?

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