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Company Name: Aurora Solar 1) Distribution Strategy (600 words) 2) Promotions Strategy (600 words) APA Format, No Plagiarism. 1200 words or more. Please add references…

Company Name: Aurora Solar
1) Distribution Strategy (600 words)
2) Promotions Strategy (600 words)
APA Format, No Plagiarism. 1200 words or more. Please add references and citations if needed.
I’m joining the introduction to this Marketing Plan Assignment, which will give you an idea about the company to which 1 & 2 questions need to be linked.
Marketing Management
Group Marketing Plan Introduction
Group K
Akshay Vaidya
Amodh Shinde
Arun Agoram Chandrasekar
Praneeth Inampudi
Shashank Vuppu
“Future is bright, because Solar is RIGHT!”
Aurora Solar
Solar panels are fast receiving wide market acceptability around the world, mostly as a result of how efficient and valuable they have shown to be for the majority of people. A solar panel is basically a device that aids in the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy and the storage of that energy for later use (Huot et al., 2021). Many applications for solar energy exist, which is why a large number of innovations powered by solar panels (energy) continue to be developed and commercialized today. A solar panel company will do on-site evaluations of prospective installation sites, develop a solar plan for the place, deal with the property owner on financing, and then install the solar panels. In the firm, maintenance jobs assist the new owners in repairing & maintaining panels in order to assure the highest possible production and return on their investment. This company needs an organized workforce with construction & electrical abilities, as well as a fundamental grasp of physics and solar energy.
Our company Aurora Solar, is dedicated to providing clean energy for citizens. We believe in tapping into renewable resources to slow down the usage rate of fossil fuels. Our company provides extensive consultation prior to choosing solar powered panels, installation service, and one year of free repair and maintenance service to our customers. Aurora solar will utilize the Supply and Install Business model to generate sufficient Return of Investment, and later on expand to other incentive-based Business models to gain competitive advantage.
The demand for solar panels and installations are higher than ever before nowadays. Favorable government policies have led to tax breaks and rebates for owners who install solar panels in their homes and commercial buildings. Improvements in solar cell technology and exploiting economies of scale have reduced the average cost of a solar panel significantly so that the layman can easily afford it. Our target market is both residential and commercial installations, including maintenance and service contracts.
As part of residential installations, Aurora Solar will provide personalized service including consultations, customized solar panel designs and comprehensive insurance packages along with instructional guides. Aurora Solar would also tap into the commercial market through government contracts to set up solar powered plants in states, direct marketing and press releases. Apart from selling and leasing solar panels to our customers, we plan to expand the use of solar energy to refuel EV charging stations, and provide financing options for residential consumers.
[1] Huot, M., Kumar, L., Selvaraj, J., Hasanuzzaman, M., & Rahim, N. A. (2021). Performance Investigation of Tempered Glass-Based Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panels. International Journal of Photoenergy, 1–8. https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/2335805

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