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 Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format. One Reference PRESENTING RESEARCH FINDINGS AND RESEARCH RESULTS 2   Presenting Research Findings and Results…

 Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format. One Reference
Presenting Research Findings and Results
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Suggestions regarding disseminating research findings
First and foremost, creating an effective dissemination approach for the research findings of a project can be very beneficial. For the successful dissemination of research findings, some considerations have to be taken into account. In my opinion, the dissemination of research findings should involve consideration of the target audience, the location of the targeted audience, the timing of the outreach, the information to be shared, and the opportunities presented by the dissemination (Ross-Hellauer et al., 2020). I have to consider the type of people I would like to reach in my study and the cost I will use when traveling to their location. Also, good timing is very crucial.
How I will present my research findings for presentation or defense
Secondly, there are several outlets that I can use when presenting or defending my research findings. I will defend my research findings through poster and podium presentations. In podium/ oral presentations, I will have to organize the information and details needed by my targeted audience. Also, I will have to consider the length of my presentation and the graphics and visual aids required (Curtis et al., 2017). In poster presentations, I will be able to engage and share my research findings visually. My work must be well organized, and I have to defend my research as tough arguments arise. Also, I have to emphasize graphics, charts, tables, and bulleted points in my presentation.
Rationale and responsibility of publication of my research
Lastly, I have some underlying reasons for writing and publishing my research. First, I have to report to the people who offered me financial support by showing them how I have spent every bit of coin and what I have achieved. I also have to report my research to the public in a language that is not too complex. By publication my research in professional journals, I may grab the attention of a wide range of people. Publication of my research will help my targeted audience in receiving new knowledge.
Curtis, K., Fry, M., Shaban, R. Z., & Considine, J. (2017). Translating research findings to clinical nursing practice. Journal of clinical nursing, 26(5-6), 862-872.
Ross-Hellaeur, T., Tennant, J. P., Banelytė, V., Gorogh, E., Luzi, D., Kraker, P. … & Vignoli, M. (2020). Ten simple rules for innovative dissemination of research.

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