[Solution]Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt Theory

· All literature cited should be within 5 years of publication. · Length of paper: 1 double-spaced page   Times New Romans, 12pt, 1 page separate with…

· All literature cited should be within 5 years of publication.
· Length of paper: 1 double-spaced page
Times New Romans, 12pt, 1 page separate with reference/s, plus 1 page total of written work with an opening and summarization paragraph. Please insert in text citation. A minimum of 2 references and all within 5 years of 2021. American literature in Social Work
Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt Theory
Identify one of the family members from the Campbell Family Case Study that you will be engaging in mandated therapy and use Gestalt techniques and Motivational Interviewing techniques to describe how you would work with this client. Because this is a mandated therapy session, you can assume this will be a hostile client who is not interested in being in therapy; additionally, the client has a lot of anger, frustration, and irritability that accompanies him or her to therapy. Please use evidence-based interventions from the Gestalt therapy and motivational interviewing skills to effectively work with this client.
Use previously learned techniques to develop a rapport with him and then move in to apply your new skills associated with Gestalt therapy and motivational interviewing
Case Study
Jacob Campbell is currently on probation due to car theft charges and per legal requirements is now required to be in mandatory therapy. As his therapist, you will use Gestalt theory and motivational interviewing techniques to help him uncover his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Jacob is a difficult client who does not want to be in therapy, does not identify what he did as wrong, and thinks the system is out to get him.
This family lives in Fort Lupton, a rural town in northern Colorado with a population of almost 7,500 residents. About 55% of residents are Hispanic and another 42% are white. The unemployment rate is 16%. The primary industry in Fort Lupton is construction, although there is also a growing gas and oil industry.
The family was referred to Weld County’s Department of Health Services for assessment and evaluation after the 15-year-old son, Jacob, was charged with grand theft auto. He is scheduled to attend court later this week. Kali, Jacob’s 17–year–old sister, has previously been on probation for drug use and possession of marijuana.
Jacob and Kali’s dad, Joe, has requested a meeting. He says, “My family is falling apart, and no one is talking about it.” He says that Jacob is a screw–up and doesn’t seem to care, and that Kali, who never leaves her room, is always high. “Frankly, I don’t blame her,” he says. “My wife Karen her mother, is drinking herself to death.”
At the intake, each family member filled out a brief entrance form. Joe is frustrated and on edge, saying that no one wanted to come, including his wife, and he had to bribe his daughter and son to get in the car. Karen is sitting next to her son with her head down, avoiding any eye contact. Kali laughs at her father and is on her phone. Jacob has his baseball cap pulled over his eyes, slumps in his chair, and is pretending to be asleep.
Jacob Campbell
· Jacob has recently been charged with grand theft auto and is scheduled to attend court this week. “I was bored and we had just won the regional football playoffs,” he says. “Mom picked me up drunk at the school, and dad was gone who knows where, maybe working, so what was I supposed to do? My teammates needed me. So I drove her home and she passed out. I didn’t want to take her car, so I took the neighbors’ car. They always leave the keys in their car, and they’re old, so I didn’t think they would ever know.”
· Kali says that Jacob has been taking the neighbor’s car frequently, probably since he was 13, and that he was just stupid this time and got caught.
· Jacob has many friends at school and is on the track team as well as the football team. He wanted to be a police officer like dad, but now that he has been arrested, he doesn’t know what he will do. “I’ll probably have to drive a truck because I screwed up and I won’t be able to be a cop,” he says.
· Karen blames Joe for Jacob’s predicament, complaining that Joe is never home to take him anywhere. “Jacob is my sweet little boy,” she says. “He doesn’t deserve this!”
· Jacob gets decent grades at school, but is often truant. He says he doesn’t go to school so he can take care of his mom “on her really bad days.” Kali says, “You mean on her hungover–and–can’t–stop–vomiting days.”
· Jacob has been suspended from school twice over the past year for fighting. When asked about the fights, Jacob shrugs his shoulders and doesn’t want to talk about it. Joe says Jacob was protecting his sister when other kids said nasty things about her. “He’ll do his duty as a brother,” Joe says with some pride. “No matter how stupid his sister is, he sticks up for her.”
· Jacob presents as quiet and polite. He seems to avoid conflict and doesn’t want to answer questions directly, allowing his family to answer for him.
· Jacob’s best friend is his cousin Tom, who is also 15 years old. “I wish he would stop hanging out with Tom,” Karen says. “Joe’s family is nothing but trouble.” Visibly irritated, Joe says, “My nephew is a great kid! Karen just doesn’t want my family to see what a drunk she is.”
· Jacob’s probation officer has sent him to see a psychiatrist for a potential diagnosis of conduct disorder.

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