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        Pitching Novel Ideas Creative Leadership and Problem Solving | Online Exercise # 8 Introduction In this week’s online exercise, you’ll develop…


Pitching Novel Ideas
Creative Leadership and Problem Solving | Online Exercise # 8
In this week’s online exercise, you’ll develop a short pitch for a highly novel but potentially sensational idea. Creative leaders are often responsible for securing resources which usually involves pitching ideas to colleagues, supervisors, or potential investors. Learning how to secure resources through persuasive storytelling is an essential creative leadership competency. This online exercise provides the opportunity to practice some of the strategies introduced by McKee and Elsbach, and further developing some key skills associated with the entrepreneurial leadership style introduced earlier in the semester.
Scenario 1
Pitch a black solider fly bin to an imaginary audience of Sheridan stakeholders—your goal is to get some bins installed on campus. To learn a little more about black soldier fly bins, see this Washington Post article.
Scenario 2
You’re an employee at Beyond Meat, a producer of plant-based meat substitutes, and you have an incredible idea: why don’t they simulate the flavour of ‘human’ meat? This scenario also presents challenges as the idea is highly novel and potentially offensive.
Step 1: Create
Using the strategies introduced by Elsbach and McKee, write a script to pitch your idea. Much like an entrepreneurial leader, your goal is to convince a supervisor to approve the idea for further development. Use the following strategies:
· Choose a creative persona introduced by Elsbach. If interested, you can use one of the negative or ineffective personas introduced in the article to explore how they can fail in practice.
· Use McKee’s tips to imagine a protagonist and an inciting incident. What problem did your target user encounter and how will solving the challenge with your new product change their lives?
· Use metaphor to make the idea relatable and understandable.
Aim for 2-3 grammatically complete and copy-edited paragraphs.
Step 2: Share & Appreciate
· Post your pitch to the discussion board. After the pitch, offer a few point-form notes that clearly flag the persona that was applied, the inciting incident, and metaphor.
· Read your classmate’s pitches and provide affirmative comments for 2 other posts.
This online exercise is worth 5% of your final grade.
For this submission, the online exercise will be evaluated via degree of completion by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following statements:
1. The post included a pitch that was a minimum of 2 paragraphs in length.
2. The pitch applied a creative persona.
3. The pitch incorporated an inciting incident.
4. The pitch used a metaphor to further clarify the concept.
5. The post concluded with a very point-form overview of the persona applied, inciting incident, and metaphor.
6. The author provided affirmative comments on two other posts created by classmates.

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