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Wellness Program Revision: <6.0>   Project Charter Date: 20 November, 2021   Document Code: PMBOK4.1.3.1     Document Code: PMBOK4.1.3.1       1. Project…

Wellness Program
Revision: <6.0>

Project Charter
Date: 20 November, 2021

Document Code: PMBOK4.1.3.1

Document Code: PMBOK4.1.3.1


1. Project Purpose
The Food Club, Gujarat, India, authorized a project to design a wellness program with the expectations of long-term benefits for both employees and the company.
Organizational need: It is expected to reduce employee turnover, increase motivation and engagement, reduce absenteeism, manage chronic diseases in the workplace, create an attractive work culture and enhance the corporate image while improving the employees’ productivity.
Social needs: The result of this project will be precisely focused on improving each employee’s mental and physical health, which will lead to gaining a work-life balance.
2. Measurable Project Objectives and Related Success Criteria

Measurable Project Objectives
Related Success Criteria

1. Reduce employee turnover
Reduce employee turnover by 5% in 2022 and 10% by 2023.

2. Reduce absenteeism among employees
Reduce employee absenteeism by 2% immediately.

3. Significantly reducing work-related stress among employees.
Reduce work-related stress by at least 5%.

4. Improve employee productivity.
Increase employee productivity by 5%.

5. Increasing employee morale and loyalty.
Increase employees’ loyalty to the company and gain a high program participation rate.

6. Create an attractive work culture.
Gain a high job applying rate through job banks.

Note: The above-mentioned success criteria can be measured through employee surveys and reviews, customer surveys, employee interviews, and record analysis.
3. High-Level Requirements
1. Project Charter Approval
2. Health care contract approval
3. Change implementation Plan approval
4. Budget approval
4. High-level Project Boundaries and Key Deliverables
Project boundaries
The wellness program would consist of training, Zumba, meditation, yoga, program launch, health care for employees, free consultation for families, and third party contract for doctor (physiotherapist, physiologist) appointments.
However, it does not include physicians, medical tests, medicines, financial support, ENT, dental, and bonus payments.
Key Deliverables
The main deliverables are project charter, project master plan, scope statement, budget, risk management plan, designing the wellness plan, and conducting an employee survey.
5. Overall Project Risk
There might be a posibility that a wellness program transition not met the expectation along with a significant risk of financial benefit as a result of improved health. There can be a risk of not finding a health team in the covid situation, and also, health care insurance premiums might be expensive. In addition, there may be a risk of time management in terms of planning and launching the initial design and the pilot program.
6. Summary Milestone Schedule


Initial discussion with CEO, directors, and the managers
Due on 10/10/2021

Conduct an employee survey to identify designing requirements and set goals.
Due on 15/11/2021

Project charter preparation and get the approval
Due on 20/11/2021

Connect with clinic staff, insurance agent, training coach, motivational guest speaker, and the gym owner to get the best packages, appointments, and reservations
Due on 05/12/2021

Get approval from the finance department for each criterion
Due on 10/12/2021

Project master plan and risk management plan approval
Due on 15/12/2021

Launch and begin a three-month pilot program
Start on 02/01/2022

Estimated completion of the pilot program
Due on 31/03/2022

7. Pre Approved Financial Resources
(All values are in Indian Rupees.)
Initial Research expenses = 10,000
Wellness program designing fees = 60,000
Three months pilot program = 190,000
260,000 (Approximately CAD 4,350)
8. Key Stakeholder List

Internal/ External
Role in the Project

Approving the project

Project Manager
Monitor the project overall (resources, progress, budget, and deadlines)
Get the documents approved for activities

Owner of The Food Club

Finance head
Distribute budget for activities in the pilot program

HR head
Schedule employees appropriately for the shifts and the program participation.
Negotiate with the insurance company and gym organization

Team employees
Participate in the initial Research and pilot program

Motivational Speaker
Conduct motivational speech

Team employee
Get document approval for activities

Owner of ABC gym club
Membership for employees

Co-ordinator – IVC private clinic
Conduct the flu clinic

Train employees

Agent – XYZ insurance company
Cover mediclaim for employees

9. Project Approval Requirements
The business owner is responsible for approving the project charter and signing off on the project. The project management team is responsible for designing the wellness program and conducting employee interviews and surveys. If the project meets all related success criteria, then the project will be considered approved.
In order for the project to move to the:
1. Planning phase: the project charter needs to be approved.
2. Closing phase: the project master plan needs to be approved.
10. Project Exit Criteria
Criteria for closing the project:
1. All milestones must be completed within the timeframes and budgets specified.
2. All the risks identified during this project must be considered and sorted out properly.
4. The project team should be trained and appropriately placed with assigned duties.
Criteria for canceling the project:
If there is no approval on the project charter or the master plan, the project will be canceled.
Risk Response Matrix:

WBS Ref. #
Failure Mode
Failure Causes
Likelihood 01-10
Severity 01-10
Detection 01-10
Response Strategy

Denny participation by employees
Less awareness and lack of time








Risk ID#
Risk Description
Risk Cause
Likelihood (1-10)
Severity (1-10)
Difficulty of Early Detection (1-10)
Total RPN
Response Strategy
Justification for Response Strategy

Less participation by employees
Less awareness and lack of time

higher medical costs from those claims
The rising expense of medical supplies and services

Gym membership cannot be transfer for new employee
Issues in relocation

short-term sickness of employees can raise more bills of clinic flue

expensive workers’ compensation claims

In some cases, alternative standards are required (for example, when attempting to meet a standard would be medically inadvisable)

Maintaining an employee wellness program is costly

Employees can be unhappy to share personal diseases
to be not private

Insurance company may not agree with our terms and conditions

Availabilities of motivational speakers

Exceeding the proposed budget

Delay on the Creation of wellness program

Failure during the pilot program due to technical issue impacting the final tests

Restriction due to COVID 19 pandemic

Project team members conflict

Unsatisfactory result after the 3month of pilot program

Prohibits financial incentives for workers to provide genetic data (such as answers to family medical history questions in health risk assessments)

Lapses in the project chapter

Employee insurance companies are limited in their use and dissemination of information under the new regulations.

Can be not effective selected wellness program metrics

Fail to achieve actual motto of for less employee turnover

Improper review of medication during exercise

Failure to give adequate training to team member prior to the project launch

3 Level
Design a complete wellness program
Get the approval from CEO
Handover the implementation process to the company
Process Breakdown Structure for Designing of Wellness Program Project
2 Level Activities
1 Level
Major Phases
Designing a wellness Program
Employee survey report
Initial Discussion with CEO
Conduct employee interviews, and distribute questionnaires
Scope Statement
Design of wellness program
Risk Management plan
Three months pilot program
Project charter
Define wellness program activities
Begin three month pilot program
Design employee training program
Design Medication program
Design flu clinic
Design Yoga program
Design Zumba classes
Design program on free consultation for families
Design health care benefit program
Define evaluation methods
Set up benchmarks for

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